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Citius Altius Fortius - Castaways on the Isles of Wonder

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CAF, how do you get to go to London so much? Have you ever visited other bits of these 'Isles'?

I had been to Manchester, Blackpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling

Well, London is just around the corner for me - and citizens of Hamburg are very "anglophile"

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Ah, the Spanish Galleon. I almost think of it as my London local.

Do like the English pub grub.

Jealous of you being back in Greenwich Marts!

Saw the latest Thor movie a week or so ago - pretty rubbish actually, but fun watching Greenwich being smashed up.

Yeah - it's lovely to be in Greenwich again...

I chatted with the waiter in the Spanish Galleon yesterday - I told him that I shared a flat with friends from AUS and USA very close by and that the Spanish Galleon was our "favourite pub" during the Olympics - he wanted to know if the food and the beer is as good as last year (he wasn't a waiter there during the Olympics, but in Nottingham) - I told him that the patty of the burger is too round now (you can see that on the pic) and that the chips could be a little bit more fried, but the beer is much cooler than the one day during the Olympics...

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