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Citius Altius Fortius - Castaways on the Isles of Wonder

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I 'discovered' a new sport: wrestling greco-roman yesterday!

What a great sport - the atmosphere in ExCeL was so massive that you could nearly cut it into pieces!

First you couldn't really follow this sport, but slowly you got more and more used to it and to the rules - what a terrific sport - it is a pitty that it "lives in shadows" of other Olympic Sports.








I had been to ExCeL last year - therefore I know it how it looks like in "non-Olympic-times" - there changed several minor things - since I had two events in ExCeL yesterday I walked around and took some pics.






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Sorry CAF that I write this here, but i don´t want to start a new thread.

Just got back from London and all I can say is: WOW!

What an amazing experience!

And you´re right CAF, I´ve never met so many nice people. Pink and purple helpers where ever you go.

All ready to answer your questions and help you to have a good time.

I wonder how you´re able to survive such a long time there, my feet are already hurting after 5 days ;-)

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I creme every day my feet, Daze!

And I have some days, where I do not have an event - e.g. I had not events yesterday I met two friends of mine at the FanFest in the Deutsche Haus London.

It is a quite nice place - they have beer garden tables and benches inside and outside you can watch German TV - something to drink and to eat...

It was good to go there and to see what they are doing for German Olympic Games visitors.

I have two events today and I am sitting in the kitchen of our GamesBids London Sharing and flat and eating some breakfast - the other guys are sleeping...

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After I had the luck yesterday to attend a victory ceremony with a German Olympic champion - I had the luck today to see a German victory in Eton Dorney and the victory ceremony right afterwards!!!

And that are my first Olympic Games to which I attend - I am a lucky guy to see Olympic champions from the own country

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My god I attended two sports and saw three gold medals for Germany at my first Olpics!!!

Not so surprising considering you staid the full Games, that we are talking about Germany one of the most successful country... and that you picked the sports regarding the possible victory....

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The last two days were very busy therefore I couldn't post in my blog.

The day before yesterday I had tickets for the morning session of athletics as well for the evening session. I stayed the whole day in the Olympic Park - there is a lot to see there, but it is exhausting, too - when you are here in London over two weeks already your feet and legs hurt like h'll, but I don't want to complain.

The decision to go to the London Olympics was one of my bests - the british hosts can be proud of what they have created. I talked during the time between the two session with some british people, who were sitting with me on a bench. We talked about what will happen with the Olympic Park and London after the Olympics - I just said, that I hope that a place will be created, where the British people can go to and remember the 2012 Olympics (the site of the 1908 Olympics has changed so much you wouldn't realised that there the Olympic Games took place) and that the children start to do sport.

I had a lovely day in the stadium - I watched e.g. Hammer Throw, Javelin Throw, some events of the decathlon and the 200 m heats etc. etc.

Here are some pics, which I took










... and I had the luck to listen to the German and the Aussie Anthem, since Sally Pearson (AUS) and Rorbert Harting (GER) won the 110 m Hurdles and the Discus Throw the Day before the Day before yesterday...

Roland and I watched these decision in our flat and we jumped around we just have to stay into the stadium until we saw both of the victory ceremonies - that took a long time, since the ceremony for Sally was planned to be shown live in Breakfast TV "down under"....



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