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A New York City Olympic Games Considered


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So, Baron, were would the location of your Olympic Stadium in a future NYC bid be? I just can't see a good location at the moment. A heavily expanded Icahn Stadium might work, but the location is less than ideal.

SInce u asked, and I'm late in getting back to this thread....

Either in Flushing, maybe a temp stadium something between a London-Chicago thing but it must have the component of the OV nearby. (I don't know if that Willets Point area is viable or not.)


The Meadowlands using the new Giants stadium there. Except a Village must also be close by and u need to get the NJ Legislature to cede that area to NYC for the Games period so it qualifies under the territorial restrictions of the IOC. But in exchange, NJ would get a brand-new community for like 15,000 people.

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Question for the sane folks out there....

What are the IOC rules on political boundries. Are their requirments that would force the Olympic stadium to be in one place and not another?

It must be within the host city's city limits.

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It must be within the host city's city limits.

Interesting, thanks. What exactly is the rule... is it just the stadium for the ceremonies that must be in the city limits, or are other things required as well.

"City Limits" is a quite arbitrary rule, as some metropolises have incorporated everything into the city limits, while others haven't. The most logical place for a stadium in Miami is in Coral Gables. While Coral Gables is smack dab in the geographic center of Miami, and has ceded almost all government functions to "Miami-Dade" is it technically not in the city limits of Miami. Would the IOC really hold that technicality against a Miami bid, or just issue a waiver.

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Here is my take on where most of the events could take place within the city and metro area:

Aquatics - Flushing Meadows (Reconfigure old New York State Pavilion from the 1964 World's Fair) - Queens

Athletics & Opening/Closing Ceremonies - New capacity reducible stadium on the site of the Fountain of Industry later to be used for an MLS franchise - Queens

Basketball - Barclays Arena - Brooklyn

BMX & Track Cycling - Former Jerome Ave Reservoir Site - Bronx

Football - CItifield/Queens, Yankee Stadium/Bronx, Metlife Stadium & Redbull Arena /New Jersey, Lincoln Financial Field / Philadelphia, Yale Bowl / New Haven,CT

Road Cycling - Along the Brooklyn/Queens Waterfront Terminating at Brooklyn Borough Hall

Mountain Biking - Forest Park - Queens

Tennis - USTA (US Open) Flushing Meadows - Queens

Gymnastics - Madison Square Garden - Manhattan

Volleyball - Prudential Center - Newark, New Jersey

Handball - Izod Center - New Jersey

Field Hockey - Fordham University - Bronx

Water Polo - Flushing Meadows Pool - Queens

Marathon - NYC Marathon Route with minor alterations

Beach Volleyball - Coney Island - Brooklyn

Sailing - Breezy Point - Queens

Equestrian - Aquaduct Race Track - Queens

Shooting - Rodman's Neck - Bronx

Triathlon - Central Park - Manhattan

Boxing - Radio City Music Hall - Manhattan

Judo, Taekwondo, Wrestling, Fencing, Table Tennis - Javits Convention Center - Manhattan

Weight Lifting - Beacon Theater - Manhattan

Badminton - Fort Washington Ave Armory - Manhattan

Archery - Governor's Island - New York Harbor

Golf - Van Cortland Golf Course - Bronx

Rugby - Baker Frield / Manhattan, Red Bull Arena / New Jersey

Whitewater and Stillwater events - Staten Island ?

Olympic Village - Willets Point - Queens

I tried to make this list as complete as possible and as far as i can recall from my many years living in the city almost every one of these Venues are reachable by either the NYC Subway system, MTA Long Island Railroad/Metro North Service, PATH subway, NJ Transit Rail and in the case of even Philadelphia SEPTA.

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/\/\ U have weightlifting for both Radio City and Beacon Theatre. Would it be a TONY-nominated show? :lol: :lol: Radio City is much too luxurious for that and they will probably be having special stage shows at that time.

Where is your Boxing venue? And Staten Island was a perfect setting for Equestrian in the 2012 plan.

But New York won't happen for 2024. The US will not bid for 2024. It will probably have to wait until 2028 or 2032.

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Wieghtlifting at beacon only..... I remember quite a few years back attending a few WNBA games at radio city and to be honest it was a pretty fine sporting venue and reading up on its history it has been used for Boxing events so I thing it can be used for that. And come to think about it why not... A mighty fine juxtaposition of NY theater yielding to the art of sport.

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But New York won't happen for 2024. The US will not bid for 2024. It will probably have to wait until 2028 or 2032.

So by that logic, I assume you think that the United States will NOT win the bid to host the 2026 Olympics? Or does 2028/2032 assume that the outcome of 2026 doesn't matter.

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I based my locations for venues on accessibility of mass transit during the games and possible availability of venues during the most likely time period of the games. The only major venues of which there could be an issue would be the use of citified and Yankee stadiums during the games for Football being they would need to be reconfigured to fit the events. Both are large enough and have the capacity to fit football but using both would require extended away periods for both teams which was done in Atlanta for the braves during the 96 games but would not require any permanent structural changes to either stadium.

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