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What's London now?


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London is the host city.

But the logo will change slightly and the words "Candidate City" will drop.

Watch this evolution from the Vancouver Bid to Games...

2001- July 2003


July 2003- April 2005


April 2005


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In more detail, the evolution goes something like this...

1 - City announces its bid logo (name of city, year and graphic)

2 - City makes it to short list and officially is a Candidate (picks up "Candidate City" and the Olympic Rings)

3 - City wins rights to host Olympics (drops "Candidate City" from bid logo

4 - City unveils Games Emblem (unique graphic, city name, year and Olympic Rings)

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Host City lying in waiting??

Can a city become a host city before previous cities have held their olympic games though?

Okay A City lying in waiting to become a Host City...  :suspect: lol sorry, I dont' know to be honest with you.

Well maybe they could be Host city for 2012 games or of the XXX olympiad?

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