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Kazan 2013 Universiade

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Everything in Kazan is great and ready for the Universiade .. except the main stadium






don't know why the Russians loves to finish everything in the last minute
the opening ceremony in less than 3 months
in the same time Putin promised this stadium will be ready by 15 May
but like Sochi in the photos come from there we see a different thing
anyway except the problems in the construction of the main stadium all other venues are built, tested and ready to host .. we are only waiting this one !
hope everything goes as planned.
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The stage is being set for the opening ceremonies. A tall pyramid-like structure which will have the cauldron on its top and it will be seen from outside the stadium.





Also, the torch was on Krasnoyarsk some days ago. Btw, the region is now bidding for the 2019 Winter Universiade.

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Wow !

it will be a great Universiades, but will be totlay unproductive for FISU and its future...

Which cities would be able to invest as much as Kazan (and Russia) to organize such event....

Taipei and Korea are the next two hosts lol

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So Russia, China, Chinese Taipe, Korea... whose next ! Azerbaijan ??? Is that the universality that is part of the name of the event ????

Funny that you mention Azerbaijan. They are bidding for 2019 along with Budapest and Brasilia

For winter 2019 its Russia and Switzerland.

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