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Asian Beach Games


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hmm...... OCA always claim that they proud of asian beach games and see it as a great success until they think........

OCA President talks of Beach Games expansion

17 Jun 2012

Haiyang, China: The success of Haiyang in organising the 3rd Asian Beach Games has further encouraged the President of the Olympic Council of Asia, H.E. Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, to take the event to a global audience. Speaking at a press conference in Haiyang on Sunday, Sheikh Ahmad said an international beach games was under serious consideration by the Association of National Olympic Committees, of which he was elected President two months ago at the 18th ANOC General Assembly in Moscow. ANOC, which is referred to as ACNO in French, has 204 members across the five continents.

“Haiyang has given us the confidence that we can make these games an international games,” he said.  “On behalf of the OCA we are proud of our Beach Games, we are proud of Haiyang and we are proud of our officials and athletes who have made this dream come true.

“The success of the Asian Beach Games has led to a Latin American Beach Games, and ACNO will start to study seriously the Beach Games to make it an international event, with the same goals as the Asian Beach Games.”

Sheikh Ahmad, a member of the International Olympic Committee, said it would be tough for the IOC to organise an Olympic Beach Games because the calendar was full with the Summer and Winter Olympics and the Summer and Winter Youth Olympic Games, so ANOC would be the more likely umbrella organisation.

Looking back on the start of the Asian Beach Games - in Bali, Indonesia, in 2008 - Sheikh Ahmad said it was very difficult to build from scratch as there was no previous data on broadcasting, transportation, accommodation and other key areas of organisation. The second host city - Muscat, Oman, in 2010 - built on this base and developed the broadcasting. The standard of the athletes improved and new records were set.

“Now we are in Haiyang for the 3rd Asian Beach Games and I think this is excellent,” he added. “The level of broadcasting is very, very high, the Games operation is excellent and the venues are something unbelievable. The Opening Ceremony yesterday was excellent and everyone enjoyed it. “We will follow up these games from A to Z and see all the developments. The results of Haiyang can give us the data to start an International Beach Games.”

Sheikh Ahmad said the city of Haiyang had benefited greatly by being awarded the 3rd Asian Beach Games by the OCA in 2006, with US$4.5 billion of investment in roads, hotels and bridges leaving a long-term legacy for the people in terms of employment opportunities, higher salaries and a better standard of living. “It is not only about the eight days of the Games,” he added. “We are speaking about six years of preparations - and the facilities will remain for a long time.''

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Unreal its about double from what Toronto is spending + China's bubble is about to burst.

what !! china's bubble is about to burst??? are china just pushing the self destruct button by now??
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top 5 of haiyang 2012


Rank Country G S B 1 China 14 10 12 2 Thailand 13 9 6 3 R.O.Korea 6 7 10 4 Indonesia 6 6 4 5 Chinese Taipei 3 6 6

the 4th asian beach games is going to phuket in 2014 well i expect a lot from it see you in phuket!!

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Mascot-Phuket-2014_5114260011230.jpgMascot, Phuket 2014

“Sea turtle” is a symbol of endurance fertility, sustainability and growth. As Phuket is a home to many rare species of sea turtles, it is a chance to announce to the participants of the 4th Asian Beach Games and also to the public that Thailand pays great attention and an important role to the conservation of sea turtles.

As sea turtles are amphibious creatures, living both on land and in the sea, the 4th Asian Beach Games will have both beach sports and water sports which at the same time is an excellent symbol of the relationships of the different countries in Asia.

The name Sin, Sakorn, Samut shares the same meaning of water Could be metaphorically be compared to the qualities of athletes which includes the qualities such as tolerance, tranquility, unity, acceptance, sportsmanship and friendship.
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Just China being China.

I wonder how much they'd spend in a chess tournament...

A couple of 100 million. Regardless of the host city, it would be a dedicated "arena" for chess, a multi-chess table hall, some couple of 100 private rooms, some major competition rooms and the piece de resistance of a 20,000 seater arena, complete with sound proofed walls, spotlights, big video screens etc. ;)

Heck, why not inflate that to a billion and build a dedicated chess university? The aforementioned arena, some dormitories for a couple of 1000 people, large dining halls, administrative buildings and of course the 100 or so classrooms dedicated to the study of chess.

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Three gold medals up for grabs on Nov 14, spectacular Opening Ceremony expected, no rain concerns

The 4th Asian Beach Games will be opened officially on November 14, while three gold medals will be at stake ahead of the Opening which comprise one gold in flag football at the Saphan Hin Sports Centre, to be contested between hosts Thailand and Kuwait, and two gold medals in the men's and women's beach woodball team events.

The Opening Ceremony will take place from 18.30 pm to 20.00 pm at the Saphan Hin Sports Center, with Privy Councillor and the Royal Representative Gen Surayuth Julanon presiding.

Supawat Jongsiri, better known as Suppaksorn, who takes charge in designing performances in the Opening Ceremony, confirmed that a grand, spectacular ceremony has been set to impress all audiences. The highlight will be the flame-Iighting ceremony at the cauldron and a magnificent fireworks display over the sea covering a range of 75 metres and a distance of 100 metres away from the shore.

Varapatsorn Radarong and Tanarattha Udomchavee, the superb beach volleyball duo who captured the gold medal at the 3rd Asian Beach Games in Haiyang, China two years ago, will ignite the Games Flame.

"A total of 1,200 performers will be used in the Opening Ceremony, which, I guarantee, will be grand and spectacular. I would like to invite everyone to join the ceremony. Aside from the 2,500 seating capacity, some standing spaces are also available in and around the Saphan Hin Sports Center. Although it rains during the Opening Ceremony, it won't affect our performances. Furthermore, we have already prepared optional plans just in case," said Suppaksorn.


Phuket 2014 Asian Beach Games Opens Today!!!

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Minister Kobkarn eyes Thailand to host "World Beach Games"

Tourism and Sports Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul disclosed that hosting the 4th Asian Beach Games of Thailand was very satisfying. She believed that in the near future, Thailand will have potentials enough to be a candidate country for hosting major sports competitions which will help boost tourism.

"In the ANOC (Association of the National Olympic Committees) General Assembly in Bangkok earlier this month, a topic on the
staging of the "World Beach Games" was taken to consider for the first time. The World Beach Games are expected to take place in 2017. Personally, I would like Thailand to raise their level from staging the Asian Beach Games to next host the World Beach Games. It will be a good opportunity for Thailand to show their full potential to the world.

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