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Stadium progress

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^^Even for those who never had problems with this like me...

Spent two days in Brasilia in Sept 2006 and almost went to hospital because of dry air and dust.

Sao Paulo have really dry air in winter and I never felt anything about this, but in Brasilia, I wished so much to leave the city asap.

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^^ Biggest Roof "Compession Ring" for a Stadium in the planet.

People is calling it "The Colossus of the Cerrado"

Thanks, looks very impressive. I just hope it will be used after the tournament, as it is not a very big city and is there any local club team for the stadium?

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Actually Brasilia is the 3rd Brazilian biggest city technically tied with Belo Horizonte and Salvador with about 4 million people living there.

But, besides of its size, the city does not have a big club and worse, since Brasilia is located inside the Federal District (something similar to District of Columbia in USA), the local football association is the city one. In Brazil, all states have it's "State Championship", with clube from all around the state. In Brasilia, all the clubs are from the same city: this makes the local football tornament very weak.

Plus, the city is filled with people from other states, so the biggest supporters numbers are for teams from others states, specially Rio, the former national capital.

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You're probably right, Victor:

Bird Nest height is 49 meters high

London Olympic Stadium is 53 meters high

Maracana is 39 meters high

São Paulo's Arena Corinthians yesterday


Arena Corinthians will be 65 meters high

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Well Belo have an athletics track?

No stadiums in this World Cup will even have space for athletics track. All of them are Football-sized.

Just a little info: Belo Horizonte's official nickname is BH. :)

Or "Belzonte"... ;)

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