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Stadium progress

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Brasília's "small" National Stadium




I miss OneTimeOnly's comments on "IOC giving a pass to Brazil since Brazil have no ability to built one new stadium"

We are building 16 huge stadiums at the same time right now. -_-^_^;)

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Porto Alegre's Arena do Grêmio

Training venue for World Cup 2014

Expected to be opened December, 8th 2012




São Paulo's Arena Palestra Itália

Training venue

Expected to be opened late 2013






Arena do Grêmio is owned by Grêmio Football Porto-Alegrense team

Arena Palestra Itália is owned by Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras

Both traditional clubs from Brazilian League Serie A

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Salvador's Arena Fonte Nova

Big lift of the roof structure - Day 1/35




This post is specially to our colleagues of the International media, so "worried" with the possibility of Brazil not have the stadiums done for 2014 World Cup... <_<

"Chupa que é de uva!"

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^^Some are really big... I'm also impressed.

The Arena Corinthians will be HUGE, just like Brasília's National Stadium - a truly Colosseum!

PS: The comparision with London is unfair.

London hosted the Olympic Games, these are stadiums for World Cup... Different requiremente and legacies...

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^^Actually, we are posting the pictures of Maracana in the Olympics thread, leaving this to the other stadiums around Brazil.


Olympics have football too and UK used big stadiums as well. :lol: Including the Wembley stadium which is bigger then any stadium at the Olympics or WC

What is so funny?

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Talking about Maracanã here, a report from TV Globo show very recent footage from the stadium that will have 76,000 seats for the WC and Olympics and 86,000 seats after the events (only 4,000 less than Wembley).


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maracana look big but why the capacity only 86000?

Fifa requirements on seats and comfort.

Without this, Maracana could have 150,000 in NCAA American Football style seats...

That its easier to compare the WC and SOG then Winter and Summer Medals.

Both comparisions are ridiculous.

How's Fortaleza only 13% from being completed? There seems much to be done ... =\ i think mineirao will be concluded first

Fortaleza have the esplanade and internal corridors/halls more advanced than Mineirao. But both are expected to be ready in December 2012: Fortaleza Dec 8th, Mineirao Dec 21th (celebrating the end of the world :P )

*The NCAA comparision was based in seats like this:

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Yesterday, it started the works for the building and other facilities of Sao Paulo International Airport Terminal 3.

The new modern terminal will receive the international flights to the World Cup in 2014.

The three terminals that already exists (yes, weird, but Terminal 4 is already operating) will remain with domestic airliners (the Terminal 2 will receive international flights too from these companies).

How Terminal 3 will look like in 2014 (first phase) and 2022 (second phase):

This airport is now private (ACSA South Africa along with some Brazilian companies) and soon will be not operated by the govt anymore.


Rio de Janeiro International is under big refurbshment and upgrade in Terminal 2.

The works have been increased lately.

There are expectations Government will send Tom Jobim Airport to private companies operate it soon.

The President Juscelino Kubitscheck International Airport of Brasilia is also private now.

They just unveiled the project to be executed 'til the World Cup.

The works already started too.

This Airport is operated by Corporación America from Argentina and some Brazilian companies together.


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Brasília Local Administration (GDF) video on the National Stadium



Rio de Janeiro's Maracana




Fortaleza's Castelão Arena


Salvador's Fonte Nova


Big Lift of the roof structure under way


Belo Horizonte's Mineirão



Preparing the land for planting

Arena de São Paulo

expected to be ready in Sept-Oct 2013


Recife's Cidade da Copa


IMO, this stadium will be not ready for Confederations Cup and probably will be replaced by Brasilia's National Stadium

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^^ Biggest Roof "Compession Ring" for a Stadium in the planet.

BTW, the (biggest in the world) compression ring was just finished today



This stadium truly have a "National" capital feeling

People is calling it "The Colossus of the Cerrado"

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It blends very well with Brasilia's monumental architecture and that use of pilotis is a trademark of the capital. My favorite stadium by far.

And let's hope they put a big humidifier in there because Brasília demands blood offerings from people's noses in june/july!!!

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