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the before and after is amazing, that climate really does a number on concreate. now everything looks new, my favorites are Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte. Brazilia was once a favotie but all this tim

I finally saw the Brazil vs. Chile highlight's, great stadium for a game of football and a great equalizer by Chile, what a goal!

I bet most media sites base their entire article(s) on the *forever reliable* Google image searches Researcher: Oh look! There's a picture of a beautifully finished stadium field Article Writer: B

Stadium updates:
Part of the roof that fell in Corinthians Arena removed and advances in temporary stands
Placement of grass completed and elements of the facade being installed at the Arena da Baixada

Scoreboard was installed at Beira Rio Stadium. The security certificates have not yet been released by authorities, delaying the opening.



Facade completed at Arena Amazonia



Internal pictures of Arena das Dunas





BEL |...................100%|
FOR |...................100%|
SAL |...................100%|
RIO |...................100%|
REC |...................100%|
BRA |...................100%|
NAT |...................100%|
POR |....................97%|
MAN |....................97%|
SAO |....................97%|
CUI |..................90%..|
CUR |..................90%..|
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Correct me if I am wrong please, but I thought the Beira-Rio Stadium in Porto Alegre was supposed to be finished yesterday (31st January). Also, by @Bezzi's figures, Sao Paulo and Manaus have caught up with Porto Alegre in terms of Stadium construction progress?

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Basically, Beira-Rio Stadium, Porto Alegre and Arena Amazonia, Manaus are just putting the finishing touches in, like internal furnishings. By looks of it, Arena Amazonia looks like next to be finished, as the Seating and Roof and Facade are complete as well as the pitch. Beira-Rio still has part of the roof need doing. By my predictions, in order of finishing construction, Arena Amazonia, Manaus - Beira-Rio Stadium, Porto Alegre - Arena Pantanal, Cuiaba - Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo and then Arena Baxaida, Curitiba.

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Does anyone have any news on when the new piece of the roof (where the accident happened) will be installed?

They said will finish the damaged part until the end of this month.
Both reached 99% and should be opened next week, Feb 15th. There is a doubt if will be a ceremony in Manaus, where unfortunately another death occurred. Part of a crane that was being dismantled fell over a worker in an area near the stadium
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The 4th Picture of Beira Rio Stadium reminds me of the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth, with the lake setting, and the petal shaped roof. Good progress. Still a bit slow in Curitiba though.

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Italy and England will both die in Manaus: either the heat+humidity or the anaconda snakes hiding in the stadium's short grass.

Lol. Hopefully not. Danny will be biased and stick up for Brazil, and I understand, because I do the same for England as you all know. But what he needs to understand is ALL press and media lie to catch a story.

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What bothers Dannyel (and other people of course) is not how much media corporations are lying but the ingenuity and blindness of people relying on and sharing those stories without verifying other facts and versions.

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Is that Manaus & PA done? Cuiaba looks close, so just Curitiba really left, should probably be ready though.

Beira Rio is ready. The first match with public will be tomorrow. The Arena Amazonia needs another week.

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When is Natal's temporary World Cup seating being installed? Also, Curitiba is speeding up, but alot of work to do still! Still some of the roof and seating areas, and I'm guessing furnishings etc still need to be done, along with the facade and exterior screens. Also, the entrance area outside the gates still need finishing. But at least it is progressing.

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