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the before and after is amazing, that climate really does a number on concreate. now everything looks new, my favorites are Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte. Brazilia was once a favotie but all this tim

I finally saw the Brazil vs. Chile highlight's, great stadium for a game of football and a great equalizer by Chile, what a goal!

I bet most media sites base their entire article(s) on the *forever reliable* Google image searches Researcher: Oh look! There's a picture of a beautifully finished stadium field Article Writer: B

Maracana will be ready only 18 days before the competition. What bunch of son of a bitches...

US$ 750mn and so delayed...

That's not a good. But on the other hand

SAL |..................87%..|
BRA |.................84%...|
RIO |................80%....|
REC |...............77%.....|

Salvador and Brasilia are on schedule (right :huh: ) and Recife put the pedal to the metal too. 18 days before kick-off is late, but no too late.

But is does show bad planning and i hope that that is just restricted to the Maracanã and not to other stadiums and/or infrastructure (although i think isn't)

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^^Brasilia is already part of Confederations Cup.

Fact is : Maracanã hasn't look different from it's progress pictures at all. This is embarrassing, I'm pretty sure the budget will reach R$1Billion easily, ugly stadium .

Fact is not. The new pictures in Skyscrapercity show a working site in real movement. But, we can see you are nof a big fan of Rio, so... Whatever...

And the budget already passed US$ 700 mn (R$ 1 bn).

Get informed.

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I saw this article on the Prensa Latina New Agency:

........"According to Emop (Municipal Public Works Company), two workers' strikes, one in August and the other in September, 2001, affected the renovation plan.".

A third shift, working at night, was established in July to speed up the project, but delays continued and investment costs skyrocketed....

Are the strikes the only reason for the delay? and when they introduced a third shift, working during the night, how come the delay and investment cost continued to build up? I know labour is expensive but still...

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Maracanã should've closed up way before than it did (they delayed because Rio teams asked). They underestimated the ammount of work that needed to be done.

Before they hire a shitload of workers (close to 6000) and added a 3rd shift it was really heavily delayed(I said it wouldn't be ready for the Confed Cup)They even used steel structures in the inferior stands instead of pre-molded concrete structures (not sure that's the correct term in english). It speeds up the process but the cost is quite higher.

So after that was done the construction speed increased up by a lot. Maracanã's is a huge site and you could see it changing weekly but then came the big lift of the roof structure and some problem occured (no one mentioned anything officially, but for sure a problem ocurred there) and almost everything stopped because you can only do internal work while the big lift is occurring.

So yeh, I'm really surprised Maracanã will only cost 1bn reais Really. They added like 4000 more workers and added a third shift (and the cost of a night shift is big), used steel structures instead of concrete and all that **** and the cost didn't increase that much IMHO.

The problem, as I said above, was that the local government is very populist and since local teams were doing well and wanted maracanã opened they kept delaying the start of the work because they underestimated how big maracana's refurbishment would be.

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Never knew that the teams have so much influence and that they kept the stadium open because the teams wanted to. Why didn't the FIFA put pressure on the teams to play somewhere else?

"They underestimated the ammount of work that needed to be done". - Which also includes the fact that they didn't know about the bad condition of the roof in the first place.

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It's because of the "temple-like aura" of the stadium and this obsession of Maracanã being the centrepiece of everything. The decision to keep it open was very criticised mainly in social media. The press didn't make the necessary fuss then.

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We all know that Mineirao was "completed" but I'm not really sure about the quality of the works =\ these are pics from a reporter that visited the the stadium


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To refer to the old stadium. The purpose of the open space was to keep the lake view. Anyway this space will be closed with temporary seats during world cup.


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Some footage from the first 2 matches held today in Arena Castelao.

It made me pretty happy to see a Brazilian regional cup match being held in World Cup class stadium. Historic moment to me.

It was like to be watching an European match!

First goal scored in new Castelao

Kleberson from EC Bahia

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