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/\/\ Danny, YOU'RE BACK!!

That was a quick 'retreat.' ;)

I wanted some vacations, all I got was a weekend off... That was enough.

I PM'd him saying you'd be back if he came back earlier.

Did you? hahaaha

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Athletics has number of competitors cut for Rio 2016

November 25 - Athletics has had the number of competitors allowed to take part in the Olympics at Rio 2016 reduced by more than 200, it has been revealed.

A record 2,231 athletes competed at London 2012 but the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has capped the figure for Rio 2016 at 2,000.

Athletics will be the only sport to have its numbers for Rio 2016 cut from London 2012.

"It is no problem for us and this has been done in consultation with us and with our full support," International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) deputy general secretary Nick Davies told insidethegames.

"London was an aberration as the AAF has always accepted 2,000 as our Olympic quota."

Sebastian Coe, vice-president of the IAAF and former chairman of London 2012, also claimed that he understood the IOC's decision even it means that, if they stick it to strictly, it will be the lowest number of athletes to take in an Olympics since Barcelona 1992 when there were 1,725.

"If I'm being honest, we were over-quoted in London, so it's back to what it should have been really so I think we are fairly relaxed about it," he told insidethegames.

But the cut in the number of athletes able to compete at Rio 2016 will reinforce fears that athletics' status as the Olympics number one sport is slowly being eroded.

Earlier this year the IOC's ruling Executive Board drew up a new revenue sharing scheme for the 28 sports that will make up the Olympic programme in Rio 2016 that saw aquatics and gymnastics promoted to the top tier alongside athletics.

Previously, the IAAF was ranked alone in the highest of four groups and received the biggest share of the hundreds of millions of dollars generated from television rights and other deals from each Summer Games.

Under the revised formula announced by then IOC President Jacques Rogge, swimming's world governing body FINA and the World Gymnastics Federation join the IAAF in Group A.

The IAAF received about $45 million (£28 million/€33 million) from the total of $520 million (£321 million/€384 million) in revenues shared among the Federations from London 2012 but will earn less from Rio 2016.

Coe, though, insisted that athletics remains the number one Olympic sport.

"There are some philosophical issues about sharing number one status that we need to establish," he told insidethegames.

"I'm from athletics and that is something that we hold dear."


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2 fencing team events cut for Rio

PARIS -- The men's saber team event and the women's foil team event have been dropped for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

The International Fencing Federation made the decision Friday at its congress in Paris.

The federation has been rotating two team events out of the Olympics since the 2008 Beijing Games. The team events in men's epee and women's saber were left out of the 2012 London Olympics.

In Rio, men and women will still be able to compete individually in the epee, foil and saber. The team events will be men's epee and foil and women's epee and saber.

The qualification criteria for Rio will be similar to those for London, with a quota of 212 athletes, including eight spots for host country Brazil.

Alisher Usmanov, the Russian billionaire who is president of the fencing federation, said his group has "followed the logical order of rotation."

"I promise that we will not give up our hopes to obtain the two additional medals and will continue our efforts," he said.

The federation also announced that the Russian cities of Kazan and Moscow will host the world championships in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Kazan and Moscow were the only two cities that applied on Friday. Sofia, Bulgaria, withdrew for financial reasons. Leipzig, Germany, and Doha, Qatar, are bidding to host the worlds in 2017.

The federation is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. New IOC president Thomas Bach is a former fencer who won a team foil gold medal at the 1976 Olympics.



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FILA announces new weight classes

The Associated Press December 17, 2013

Wrestling's international governing body announced Tuesday that men's freestyle and Greco-Roman will each lose a weight class between light and heavyweight ahead of the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

FILA had previously ruled to cut the men's divisions from seven to six so it could add two women's weight classes, thus ensuring a 6-6-6 split among the three disciplines.

The move toward increased gender equity came as FILA worked with the IOC over the past year to ensure wrestling remained on the Olympic program. The sport was dropped from the list of Olympic core sports in February, but was reinstated in September after changes intended to modernize wrestling.

The changes will go into effect on Jan. 1.

"We want to make changes that make the sport better," FILA president Nenad Lalovic said. "If we need to change, we will. Our goal is to be excellent in everything we do."

FILA said male freestyle wrestlers will compete at 57 and 65 kilograms rather than at 55, 60 and 66 kilograms, like they did at the recent London Games.

In Greco-Roman, the two lightest classes are now 59 and 66 kilograms. Freestyle middleweight will remain 74 kilograms, followed by 86, 97 and 125 kilograms for heavyweights. Greco-Roman wrestlers will also compete at 75, 85, 98 and 130 kilograms.

Women's freestyle was introduced for the 2004 Olympics and competed at 48, 55, 63 and 72 kilograms in London last summer. They will wrestle at 48, 53, 58, 63, 69 and 75 kilograms in the 2016 Games. That should help open up competition in an emerging sport that has been dominated by Japan.

It's not all bad news for male wrestlers: FILA has added two weight classes to all three disciplines for its competitions, including the world championships.

FILA events will feature an 8-8-8 format, with 61 and 70 kilograms added to the men's freestyle. Greco-Roman FILA events will have 71 and 80 kilogram-classes, and women will also compete at 55 and 60 kilograms.

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FIH announces format change set to improve hockey experience

20th March 2014: The FIH has announced changes to the structure of the game that will result in a higher intensity, faster paced and more exciting game of hockey. As of 1September, major FIH events such as the Champions Trophy, Hockey World League Final and Rio 2016 Olympic Games will assume a new format that includes moving to four 15-minute quarters and having 40-second time-outs when a penalty corner is awarded and after a goal is scored.

Leandro Negre, President of FIH, said: “The decision demonstrates our commitment to fan engagement. With the additional breaks, fans will have the opportunity to enjoy more replays and be more engaged with the event, whether in the stadium or watching from a far, while hockey commentators will be allowed more time to provide sport analysis between plays. In addition, coaches and players will see improvement in their performance with the additional opportunities to re-hydrate and re-strategize.”

Overall game time will move from 70 minutes (previously two 35-minute halves) to a 60-minute game with four 15-minute quarters. The additional time-outs for penalty corners and after goals ensures that the new 60-minute format is primarily actual playing time and eliminates the dead time associated with penalty corner set up while allowing for teams to enjoy their goal celebrations.

Official Press Release


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Gymnastics to award 1,000th Olympic medal at Rio 2016 Games

Gymnastics will reach a historic milestone at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. A total of 966 medals have so far been awarded to gymnasts at the modern Games, meaning the 1,000th medal will be won at Rio Olympic Arena in Barra da Tijuca. In the first edition of the Olympic Games in South America, 18 gymnastics events will take place and 54 medals will be awarded , across the three disciplines: artistic, rhythmic and trampoline.

Of the three disciplines, artistic gymnastics is the most traditional, having been present since the first Games of the modern era in Athens in 1896, and 903 medals have been awarded. The former Soviet Union has an impressive history in the discipline, having won 64 gold medals. The United States has won a little less than half as many golds (31), while Japan (27), China (26) and Romania (24) also have a strong tradition in these events.

Rhythmic gymnastics entered the Olympic programme at the Los Angeles 1984 Games. Eight editions later, 39 medals have been awarded. Russia is the strongest country in this discipline, having won eight golds. Another two golds were won by the former Soviet Union and the Unified Team, the latter of which was composed of the republics of the former USSR for the Barcelona 1992 Games. Spain, Ukraine and Canada have each won one gold.

The last gymnastics discipline to enter the Olympic Games was trampoline, which made its debut at Sydney 2000. Since then, 24 medals have been awarded, with China leading the way with three. Russia has won two, followed by Canada, Ukraine and Germany with one each.


Rio 2016

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Olympic great Michael Phelps ending retirement

Michael Phelps is coming out of retirement, the first step toward possibly swimming at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The 22-time Olympic medalist will compete for the first time since the 2012 London Games at a meet in Mesa, Ariz., on April 24-26.

Bob Bowman, the swimmer's longtime coach, told The Associated Press on Monday that Phelps is entered in three events - the 50- and 100-meter freestyles and the 100 butterfly.

"I think he's just going to test the waters a little bit and see how it goes," Bowman said by phone from Baltimore. "I wouldn't say it's a full-fledged comeback."

Phelps returned to training last fall and re-entered the U.S. drug-testing program. He has completed his six-month waiting period by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency to be eligible for competition.

Bowman said Phelps is "pretty far" from being back in top form. He's been training Monday through Friday with Bowman's team at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club.

"He's gotten back into good shape since September," the coach said. "He can give a good effort and certainly not be embarrassed. He's in enough shape to swim competitively."

Besides Phelps, USA Swimming said Olympians Ryan Lochte and Katie Ledecky are among those expected to swim in the Arena Grand Prix at Skyline Aquatic Center.

Phelps turns 29 in June and is the winningest and most decorated athlete in Olympic history. He captured 18 gold medals and 22 medals overall at the last three Summer Games. He broke Mark Spitz's record for a single Olympics by winning eight gold medals at Beijing in 2008.

Phelps had vowed that he wouldn't swim into his 30s. His camp is being low key about the comeback.

"I think he's just really enjoying it," Bowman said. "He enjoys the training and being physically fit. He just kind of wants to see where he's at. It's more really for fun. It's been nice for me to see him swim just for the joy of it really."

In Mesa, Phelps will swim 100 free and 100 fly preliminaries on the first day. Then, if he qualifies, he'll decide which race to swim for the evening finals, Bowman said. He'll swim the 50 free on the second day and might swim the 50 fly "just for fun," the coach added.

Phelps will stick to the shorter races and some relays rather than the grueling individual medleys he swam during the height of his career.

"He's really doing this because he wants to - there's no outside pressure at all," Bowman said.

Phelps has already entered the remaining Grand Prix meets in Charlotte, N.C., in May and Santa Clara, Calif., in June, although Bowman said no decision has been made on whether he will compete.

Depending on his early results, Phelps could compete in the U.S. National Championships in August in Irvine, Calif., where teams will be selected for the 2015 world championships.

"I wouldn't say it's 100 percent on the radar," Bowman said. "After Mesa, we're going to sit down and talk about it."


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not certain where to post it...

FILA Bureau Approves New Name and Logo for International Wrestling


FILA Bureau Approves New Name and Logo for International Wrestling
FILA News Service

DUBROVNIK, Croatia (June 14)— FILA, the international governing body of wrestling, is one step closer to approving a significant change to its brand identity.

The FILA Bureau, an executive committee overseeing the international governing body of wrestling, voted Friday to approve the name “United World Wrestling” as the new name for the sport’s international federation. The bureau also approved a new logo and steps to better improve the brand consistency of marquee wrestling events around the world. The United World Wrestling logo will be released at a later date.

In approving the changes the FILA Bureau accepted that international wrestling needed to create a globally recognized brand that represents the core values of wrestling as well as the new energy behind an organization that only a year before was battling for its spot on the Olympic Programme.

“I think in order for us to move forward, we needed to identify the shortcomings of the past and work hard to improve them,” said FILA President Nenad Lalovic. “I think that with a new visual identity that is both distinct and represents the values of wrestling, we all have another reason to be excited for the future of our sport.”

FILA has been working for the past several months with the branding agency Olive Grove to help develop the new name and visual identity. The plans include a strategy for creating visual consistency among the wrestling organization’s several World and Continental Championships.

The new name and logo will be proposed to the FILA Congress at their meeting which will take place in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on September 7, just prior to the 2014 FILA World Championships.

Once approved, United World Wrestling will immediately become the new name for the international governing body of wrestling.


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In the Rugby Sevens, England has been chosen as Great Britain representatives at the Rio Olympics. This was agreed by a format that included the best finishing Home Nations side in this year's 2013/14 IRB 7s Circuit Tournament. Wales was second. The IOC has worked this system with the RFU as the best way for Great Britain to feild a team as it was agreed that a Sevens "Lions" side too unworkable.

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We need to get Rio 2016 right to guarantee rugby sevens Olympic future, warns IRB chief

Rugby sevens needs to ensure it captures the public's imagination and "gets it right" at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in order to secure its future beyond 2020, it was claimed here today.

The warning came from International Rugby Board (IRB) chief executive Brett Gosper during the rugby sevens competition at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, an event for which 186,000 tickets have been sold over four sessions and which features many of the world's leading teams, including New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

Gosper was joined at the home of the 54-time Scottish football champion Glasgow Rangers by IRB chairman Bernard Lapasset and both men stressed the need for rugby sevens to make as big an impact as possible when it makes its Olympic debut in Rio.

They also revealed that there are plans to stretch competition over six or seven days in order to maximise visibility and impact.

"For the Olympics, with the 12 women's and the 12 men's teams we are trying to stay as visible as possible we are so we are looking to stretch the format," said Gosper.

"It's not settled yet at this point and we are looking at a number of models that would probably keep us within Olympic viewing for about six or seven days.

"We may have the women's [competition] and then the men's [competition] but these are all in discussion just now.

"There is a lot of benefit from exploiting visibility of the sport over as long a period as we can."

The International Olympic Committee voted rugby sevens into the Olympics at its Session in Copenhagen in 2009 and it is guaranteed to be on the programme for Rio and for Tokyo 2020.

Gosper revealed that the IOC is due to make a decision in 2017 on whether to maintain rugby sevens on the Olympic schedule for 2024 and stressed that "it's very important that we get Rio right because we will not get a second chance to make a good first impression".

Frenchman Lapasset played a crucial role in helping persuade IOC members to vote rugby sevens onto the programme and he echoed Gopser's belief it is crucial that the competition in Rio provides maximum exposure.

Traditionally on the men's and women's Sevens World Series tours, tournaments are held over two or three days as is the competition here in Glasgow which is taking place today and tomorrow.

"We need to ensure that our presence on the field shows that sevens is a good sport and a fantastic spectacle for the crowd," said Lapasset.

"For this reason we need to ensure that we have the right format and to be visible as long as possible to put on the best event that we can.

"Rugby sevens is thriving.

"It is reaching out to youngsters across the world with a winning mix of world class players, breathtaking matches and fantastic atmospheres like we have witnessed in Glasgow today."

For both the women's and men's competitions in Rio, hosts Brazil have been granted an automatic spot in each.

In addition, the top four teams will qualify from next season's Rugby Sevens World Series and Women's Sevens Series and then there will be six regional tournaments to decide six more sides.

These will take place between June and September 2015.

That will be followed by a final repechage tournament in June 2016 to decide the last men's and women's teams to qualify.


The way I'm enjoying the sevens in Glasgow, it may not fe a bad idea at all if it's feasible to spread it out over more days in the Olympic format.

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Rio 2016 releases calendar of pre-Games events


©Getty Images


The Rio 2016 Organising Committee has unveiled a draft calendar of elite-level sporting events that the Brazilian city will host during the build-up to the 2016 Olympic Games, which will allow Rio to test its Games’ plans and operations.

The 45 events will bring nearly 8,400 world-class athletes to the Olympic host city and will form a crucial part of the Organising Committee’s preparations for the 2016 Games, providing the opportunity to test the competition sites and venue operations, while also giving athletes the chance to compete at the locations where the Games themselves will be held.

Agberto Guimarães, Rio 2016's Executive Director of Sport and Paralympic Integration, said: “Establishing the calendar is an important step as these events will allow us to test all aspects of the competitions and ensure that, come Games time, everything will be in place for the athletes to produce their best performances.”

Delphine Moulin, Rio 2016’s Test Events General Manager, added: “Test events are a vital part of the preparations for staging the Games, providing the opportunity to put all our planning into practice.

“They also present an invaluable chance to integrate the Organising Committee’s team with the International and National Sports Federations and government teams, who also have an crucial role to play in the delivery of the Games.”

Rio 2016 will work closely with the International Sports Federations (IFs) to define the details of each event, the majority of which will be held in the second half of 2015 and first part of 2016. As well as being an opportunity to test for the Games, they will be top-level competitions in their own right, and some will be ticketed.

The first event, the Aquece Rio International Sailing Regatta 2014, is currently being staged at Marina da Glória, with more than 300 sailors, including 23 Olympic medallists.

The entire programme will include 33 events for Olympic sports, six exclusively Paralympic events and six containing both Olympic and Paralympic competitions. The events organised by Rio 2016 will form the Aquece Rio (‘Warm up Rio’) series, while there will also be events organised by International and National Sports Federations, in which Rio 2016 will test specific operations.

The full event calendar can be found here.


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US PGA Championship 2016 moved forward to accommodate Rio Olympic Games

The impact of golf's return to the Olympics was made clear on Wednesday, with confirmation that there will be just one week between the Open Championship and the US PGA Championship in 2016.

The US PGA will move from its traditional August date for the first time since 1971, being staged at Baltusrol in New Jersey from July 28-31. The Open will be held at Royal Troon from July 14-17.

The opening ceremony of the Olympics in Rio will take place on August 5, with the golf competitions (72-hole strokeplay events for men and women) provisionally scheduled to be held from August 6-9 and 12-15.

The 2016 Ryder Cup will be staged in September at Hazeltine in Minnesota, but the exact dates have not yet been announced.

Speaking about the change of date for the US PGA, PGA of America chief executive Pete Bevacqua said on Wednesday: 'It really wasn't difficult at all to come up with that date.

'We worked closely with the R&A and the USGA and obviously Augusta National being the caretakers of the other majors, and it just makes sense.

'It's a condensed schedule in 2016. Obviously with the Olympics, it's also a Ryder Cup year, you throw in obviously the FedEx Cup, so it's a very congested schedule.

'I would tell you that we view it as a positive. We think that the end of July at Baltusrol just outside of New York City is actually a better time of year than August.

'We think the temperatures will be better and also in terms of the activities of the residents of that area. Less people are on vacation, more people are in town and we think it will work out as a real benefit to the 2016 PGA Championship.

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Rio organizers: 1st Olympic test event successful

RIO DE JANEIRO — Rio organizers say the sailing competition that marked the first test event for the 2016 Games was "a great success."

Organizers said all objectives were "successfully reached" in the seven-day event that ended Saturday. Nearly 330 athletes from 35 countries participated in the regatta, the biggest ever held in Brazil.

In a statement, local organizers made no direct reference to water pollution at the bay, a topic that has attracted a lot of negative attention after officials admitted they will not be able to completely clean the site until 2016.

The sports director of the local organizing committee, Rodrigo Garcia, said the games' first test came to a close "with a sense of mission accomplished."

The regatta was the first in a series of 45 national and international test events



The International Sailing Regata 2014, the first test event for the Rio 2016 Games, proves a great success at Marina da Glória


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Rio organizers: 1st Olympic test event successful

RIO DE JANEIRO — Rio organizers say the sailing competition that marked the first test event for the 2016 Games was "a great success."

Organizers said all objectives were "successfully reached" in the seven-day event that ended Saturday. Nearly 330 athletes from 35 countries participated in the regatta, the biggest ever held in Brazil.

In a statement, local organizers made no direct reference to water pollution at the bay, a topic that has attracted a lot of negative attention after officials admitted they will not be able to completely clean the site until 2016.

The sports director of the local organizing committee, Rodrigo Garcia, said the games' first test came to a close "with a sense of mission accomplished."

The regatta was the first in a series of 45 national and international test events



Some imagens of the event...

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