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Bid books

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Yeah they are quite pricey.

That's only the 2nd time i've seen the Atlanta books for sale. Both times they were over $800, must be rare or very good.

Berlin for $300 seems rather high yet they're sold.

Istanbul, St Petersburg and Lille were $150, not too bad!!


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Back in 1993 there were no questionaires submitted to the IOC. Only the Bid Books. The first time, questionaires were submitted, was in 2001 for 2008.

Oh, it said it was a 90 paged document that outlined the plans and answered questions posed by the IOC. So maybe this is apart of the bid book set?

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Or maybe it's the submission from Berlin to the German Olympic Committee, Most likely in German, as there was a domestic bid race to select a host.

No there wasn't as far as I remember. Post-unification, Berlin was all the rage, other cities voiced their interest, but not in a formal race like for 2012, which ended in the Leipzig disaster.

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