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Not a bidbook but Madrids 2020 sport proposal:


Inside the binder is a USB Metal Key which has a 2 minute video with beautiful pictures of Madrid Spain on it wonderful music included while watching the video showing the Stadium and how they are an Environmental Sustainable place to host the Olympics with Friendly security, the best Transportation etc. Also included in the binder are 2 35 page booklets with pictures and information, one being called The great Olympic dream of Madrid 2020 and the other being called Wheelchair Basketball. There are 6 pamphlets inside for Wheelchair Basketball preliminaries and finals seating and access to stadium for the athletes and there is one cover letter dated Nov 2012 to the President of the Wheelchair basketball federation asking about a badminton project.
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I have the Berlin books. I can't remember, but it might have been around the 3 fiddy mark. A little pricy for what was clearly a bid that was on a strict budget.

The use of an old East German government building as the bid headquarters to save on proper office space. The cheapness of the bid file in its binder format (which IMO could have been more condensed). Things like these really showed how cheap the bid was.

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This one has a slipcase, he says 3 types were made.

Slipcase, Presentation box and loose. I take it the one I bought is the presentation box.

The books look great, the slipcase not so much plus $61000 AUD haha....


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