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@ Olympic Fan Darcy: I cant see the Bid Book in his listings. 1400 Dollar is ways too much.

@BR2028: I dont have any spare copies, except Berlin 2000, New York 2012, Paris 2012, Chicago 2016, Rio 2016, Tokyo 2016 and Annecy and Munich 2018

How much would you ask for Berlin 2000, New York 2012, Paris 2012, and Chicago 2016?

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$1400?! That's crazy high! And then $20 for a four paged booklet?

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Barcelona 1992 bid books?


he also has type 1, 2 and 3 individual.

Never seen what they look like so no idea if legit. No cover or anything

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Note - these are the generic copies that went to the Sports Federations. IOC members got nice wooden presentation boxes and differently presented books. An IOC set was on eBay years ago for about $3000.

Yes, you can see the wooden "magic box" as it was called, in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Report.

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San Juan did have a 3 volume bid book. This was before 2008, when it was decided that bidding cities (as applicants), would submit a single volume bid book answering the IOC questionnaire, rather than the candidature 3 volume bid books.

Back in 2000 and 2004, cities would be eliminated from the bidding phase after the IOC inspection and visit of each city. Now they're eliminated solely based on their ability to answer the questions in the applicant bid book.

To answer eternalcobi's question about San Juan, it was pretty obvious why that bid never made it as an official candidate. They were proposing too many things long before they were even built (some of which like the convention centre and metro would be completed well after 2004). The new arena ended up being the major venue built regardless of the games (the aquatics centre being built as well, but at a smaller scale).

The main stadium would have sat 70,000, conventional in design but converted for use in baseball at 30,000, perhaps an unideal legacy like Atlanta's stadium.

I'm also certain about the "nation's" ability to secure financial guarantees, but it would have required federal support from the US (where Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the US), which although there, I'm sure had they unlikely won, would have meant that support for an actual US bid for 2012 and 2016 would have been unlikely (as would their winning of such a games thanks to San Juan getting it for North America).

If they bid for 2024 it would be interesting, but I would like to see say Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic try for it using legacy venues from the 2003 Pan American Games and the wealth of new infrastructure (such as the metro) having been built since then.

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Don't know if San Juan had a bid book cause they didn't make candidate stage.

Wish some more bid books would pop up. Wonder how long til one of the 2020 books pops up!

I got the electronic versions of the 2020 Candidature files (Not the applicant ones!), they're ready to be uploaded for you

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Oh wow that is so kind of you!! How did you get them?

That really means a lot :)

Straight from their bid pages (Gonna be offline after a few weeks)

Being 1.15 Gigs in size, I had to use HJSplit (http://hjsplit.org), to split those into easy-to-upload chunks. It has been uploaded, and the files are below:

Part 1: http://353baa9a.linkbucks.com

Part 2: http://42dad8d7.linkbucks.com

Part 3: http://2f5c360e.linkbucks.com

Part 4: http://38669639.linkbucks.com

Part 5: http://67a75607.linkbucks.com

Part 6: http://0c4a20d3.linkbucks.com

Part 7: http://552c2584.linkbucks.com

Part 8: http://f65c8236.linkbucks.com

You better need HJSplit to combine those to unzip

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