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Wow same person buying lillehammer 1994, 1992, Calgary 1988 and Nagano 1998. Is Nagano the full bid book? Tominger said earlier something about it not being the one sent to IOC. Someone must have been saving for a while. Is it someone among us :ph34r::ph34r:

and sofia 1992*

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Just going to quote the book. I'm just going to write was planned because i'm not sure which venues existed and which ones were games dependent. Archery was planned at Seneca College, King City. 50k

My letters,official reports, maps of villages and sports rules of Mexico 1968

They discussed gold coast But it was not part of the cluster plan it was all Brisbane not spread out to Gold coast

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How did Athens 2004 looked like? As I remember the candidacy logo

Never mind, I saw the candidate files from the outside.

BTW, do you have the following files:

Candidate files:



2006-Torino (Successful)

1992-Barcelona (Successful)

2002-Salt Lake City (Bribed)


1980-Moscow (Successful)


2004-Cape Town

2004-Buenos Aires


Applicant Files:

2004-San Juan


2004-Rio de Janeiro



2004-St. Petersburg

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Knock yourself out. It was a semi-professional bid book. They offered many high capacity venues, boasted about no accommodation problems, transport, security etc. But despite a slightly spread out plan, this clearly wasn't enough.


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I like that summary. I have the book either and although its just a sumamry, its the only information I have from the Manchester 1996 Bid. I have never seen the entire set of Manchester 1996

I didn't know it was a summary when I bought it so yeah. But yeah it's useful

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Could you post pictures of Manchester '96? Also does anyone have the Chicago 2016 , Paris 2012, NYC 2012, Moscow 2012, Rome 2004, Athens 2004, Cape Town 2004, Buenos Aires 2004, Berlin 2000, Sydney 2000, Manchester 2000, and Athens 1996?

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Do you have a link to that shop?

I have got them all, except the Manchester ones and Athens 1996 (it was to bulky and incomplete, so I sold it).

Are you willing to post pictures of them online or sell any of them?

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@ Olympic Fan Darcy: I cant see the Bid Book in his listings. 1400 Dollar is ways too much.

@BR2028: I dont have any spare copies, except Berlin 2000, New York 2012, Paris 2012, Chicago 2016, Rio 2016, Tokyo 2016 and Annecy and Munich 2018

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