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Bid books

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Eh I thought it was a good book.

Not happy <_< Someone outbid me on the Melbourne books. Was willing to go as high as $140 plus the $30 postage. But $200 plus $30 is too much. If it had the case and stickers on the front of all books I probably would but i'll let this one go. Hope whoever gets it enjoys it... not.

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Thought i'd post tis here, post pictures of bid books you have

I've stumbled onto a few on ebay recently some decent ones i'd buy if they were cheaper but doubt they will

anyone have the 1996 manchester or melbourne one or 1992 belgrade or brisbane one?

would love to see photos and details thanks :D

I have the Manchester 1996 hardback bid book....... and looking to sell (email me at peterb107 AT btinternet DOT COM)

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NYC and Paris 2012 too.

I already have a Paris one.

As for NYC 2012, not worth it for that price. The bid was sloppy at times, especially when the West Side Stadium plan failed.

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