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Seems that Universiades are in trouble again.

FISU took away 2013 Winter Universiades to Maribor, Slovenia, and it's looking for another host city/country.

It's because crisis: slovenian government decided not to economically sustain the project anymore.


It was therefore decided to submit the transfer of the organization of the 2013 Games to another location to the voting members of the FISU Executive Committee, who unanimously approved the proposal on March 5th, 2012.

Do you think Universiade will survive?

Does this sporting event still have sense? Or still have sense bi-annually?

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YOG & Universiades are not for the same age of athletes.

YOG is for teenagers at School... Unversiades for Young Adults at University !

YOG are more universal than universiades where there is a condition : to be a student !

Exactly. University begins for most people when they are turning 19 and the youth games are from 14-18 year olds.

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To tell you the truth, before coming to GBids, I'd never heard of the Universiades - they certainly don't have much a profile or interest Down Under at least. And apart from the od mention on these boards, I still don't ever hear anything about them in the wider media.

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To tell you the truth, before coming to GBids, I'd never heard of the Universiades - they certainly don't have much a profile or interest Down Under at least. And apart from the od mention on these boards, I still don't ever hear anything about them in the wider media.

Exactly, the only interest seems to come from East Asia where it seems all of the universiades are being held now. The lack of profile was also the reason why Toronto was picked over Edmonton (who wanted the 2015 Universiade) to bid for the Pan AM Games.

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Pope Francis to light Trentino 2013 Torch

October 8 - Pope Francis will officially light the Torch for the Trentino 2013 Winter Universiade at a special ceremony in Vatican City on November 6 it has been announced.

The head of the Catholic Church, elected by the Papal enclave in May, will perform the ceremonial lighting of the torch which will then embark on a tour across Europe before visiting a number of cities across Italy culminating in the official launch of the 26th Universiade in Trentino on December 11 at the Opening Ceremony.

The announcement was made by Trentino 2013 President Sergio Anesi at the headquarters of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) in Rome.

The Trentino 2013 Torch was designed by the University of Trento's Industrial Engineering department under the slogan "Inspired by You" and aims to symbolise the mix of sport, research and technological innovation characterising the 26th Universiade.

In keeping with the traditions of previous Universiade torches, the new design will have an ergonomic shape and will be customised with the traditional Universiade colours of blue and green.

Following its official lighting by the Pope, the Trentino 2013 torch will travel to Brussels where it will visit several European institutions based in the Belgian capital and also stop off at the International University Sports Federation (FISU) international headquarters.

It will then move on to Paris to mark the 90-year anniversary of the first International University Games before stopping off in Lausanne.


Trentino 2013 organisers launch the Univerisade Torch in Rome

The Torch will then enter the final leg of its journey as it will visit a number of cities across Italy, beginning in 2006 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games host city Turin, which has also hosted the Universiade Games on three previous occasions.

Next stop for the torch will be in the Brenner region on the border of Italy and Austria where it will pass through 1976 Winter Olympics hosts Innsbruck, which also staged the Youth Winter Olympics last year, as well as Bolzano and Trento before visiting some of Italy's most famous and cultural cities such as Milan, Pisa and Venice.

The torch will then make its way back to the Trentino region in time for the Opening Ceremony at the Piazza Duomo in Trento on December 11

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^^ Two popes blessed the Olympic Torch though (in Rome and Torino) and nobody called it inappropriate back then.

Personally - I feel it is inappropriate. The Olympic movement is a secular body - as is Universiade.

Anyway the Rome and Turin examples are different - the a blessing is different to being the actual source of the flame.

I would have thought the Coliseum in Rome would have been a better place for a flame to originate.

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Pope Francis lights the Universiade torch

In a short private ceremony today under the archway of the Vatican bells Pope Francis officially lit the torch of the Trentino 2013 Universiade before his Wednesday address in Piazza San Pietro.



Yeah!! It is a Christian flame!! Better him than some imam getting its grubby hands on it!! B)

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Sorry baron I'm going to completely disagree with you on this one.

What is global television audience for the winter universiade? I can't imagine more than a few thousand watched here in the uk (and that is being generous) why spend millions of pounds on an event which doesn't have a big audience?

The event wasn't spectacular no, but the screen on the church wall was impressive, and there was a certain charm about having the event downtown where lots of the locals could take in some of the atmosphere.

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/\/\ What a cheap, cut-rate, budget ceremony. It's like they just moved the whole concept of Opening Ceremonies back 50 years!! Nothing to write home about. I mean only Andre Rieu holds performances in public square!! Cheap, cheap, cheap!!

They were only appointed hosts in late 2011.

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