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For arguments sake, let's say Turkey picks the Olympics of Euro 2020. That leaves the UEFA with no bids. What would be UEFA's next step? Extend the bidding deadline and hope somebody else comes forward or go begging to an established football power that has the stadiums and infrastructure ready to go like Germany, Spain, Italy, England, or even Portugal again?

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For arguments sake, let's say Turkey picks the Olympics of Euro 2020. That leaves the UEFA with no bids. What would be UEFA's next step? Extend the bidding deadline and hope somebody else comes forward or go begging to an established football power that has the stadiums and infrastructure ready to go like Germany, Spain, Italy, England, or even Portugal again?

I don't think it's likely Turkey will choose the Olympics over the Euro, but if they do I think UEFA would simply go to Germany. The Germans said all along that they would only bid if Turkey didn't.

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I think if Turkey did decided to drop the Euro bid, UEFA would ask Germany to host, if Germany said no England, then Russia. There are significant problems with Italian stadiums and Spain will not drop their Olympic bid. Portugal is in a big, but stable mess.

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This isn't going to help....

Fenerbahce football fans riot in Istanbul after derby

Hundreds of fans from Istanbul football club Fenerbahce have clashed with Turkish police and occupied the pitch after a title match.

The team's traditional rival, Galatasaray, won the Turkish league championship following Saturday's goalless derby.

Police used their shields to protect Galatasaray players on the pitch at Fenerbahce's Sukru Saracoglu stadium.

Officers used pepper spray to disperse fans as players fled to changing rooms.

The violence followed a tense game during which referee Cuneyt Cakir booked several players and issued red cards to one player from each team.

After the final whistle, fans broke plastic chairs and threw them at the police and Galatasaray players. Flares were also thrown.

Violence continued outside the stadium, with Fenerbahce fans pelting a police vehicle with stones.

Rioters overturned rubbish bins and smashed shop windows, leaving nearby streets littered with debris.

Fenerbahce fans in Istanbul's Kadikoy district also overturned two police vehicles and set them on fire.

While journalists, players and even policemen were said to have been affected by pepper spray, there were no reports of injuries.

However, elsewhere in the country a 29-year-old man wearing a Galatasaray shirt was attacked by Fenerbahce fans and stabbed in the abdomen, the state-run Anatolia agency said. The man was said to be in a stable condition.

Galatasaray ended the four-way title play-offs with 48 points, one ahead of Fenerbahce. Trabzonspor were third and Besiktas fourth.

Galatasaray, former Uefa Cup winners, are now level on 18 championships with Fenerbahce.

Their fans celebrated in Istanbul, dancing, lighting flares and waving flags.




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Turkey is looking terrible right now. This is a PR disaster for both bids. At this point they should just grab anything they can get.

Imagine this one: UEFA determines they don't want them to host 2020 due to match-fixing and violence. Tukey says, "hooray! We'll keep the Olympic bid alive after all!" But do you really think there's any chance at all the IOC would accept what UEFA has already determined is beneath them?

This couldn't be looking much worse for Turkey. They've done it to themselves.

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Scotland and Wales late bid for Euro 2020 could be good news for Istanbul Olympic campaign

Scotland and Wales are considering launching a joint bid to stage the UEFA European Championship 2020 football tournament, going head-to-head with Turkey, insidethegames has learned.

With the deadline for initial written expressions of interest just 24 hours away, a source close to UEFA confirmed that "there could be a British candidate" to rival the Turks as hosts of the finals in eight years' time.

It is understood that Scotland and Wales have been holding secret discussions for several weeks to bid for the tournament, possibly in conjunction with the Republic of Ireland, and that a formal application could be with European football's governing body before the Tuesday midnight deadline.

By contrast, it is not expected a bid will be forthcoming from Eastern Europe as has been previously reported.

Until now, only Turkey has formally applied to host Euro 2020, putting it in direct conflict with Istanbul's bid for the summer Olympics and Paralympics the same year.




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I think they're taking a calculated risk here. They will either look incredibly smart should Turkey's problems make their Euro bid unviable or should Istanbul win 2020. Or they'll end up looking like the only FAs willing to play UEFA's safety net in a bid destined to go to Turkey. I can see why big FAs that have hosted World Cups like Germany wouldn't want to risk being cast in that role, but I think it's a risk that could be worth it for Scotland-Wales.

And they may have just saved Istanbul 2020's bacon.

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UEFA EURO 2020 bid interest

Published: Wednesday 16 May 2012, 10.00CET

Following the expiry of the deadline, some national associations have expressed interest in the bidding process to stage the 2020 UEFA European Championship.

UEFA has announced that, within the 15 May deadline that was set by the UEFA Executive Committee at its March meeting, some national associations have expressed their interest in the bidding process for the organisation of the UEFA European Football Championship in 2020.

Consequently, and in accordance with the decision of its Executive Committee and as presented to the UEFA Congress, UEFA will now launch a formal process which will allow any of its 53 member associations to submit their candidature, irrespective of whether or not they declared a preliminary interest in hosting the 24-team competition.

The bidding process will last approximately 18 months to allow candidates to elaborate their dossiers. A detailed timeline will be developed in the coming weeks and will be submitted, along with proposed bid regulations, to UEFA's Executive Committee on the occasion of its next meeting on 30 June in Kyiv.

A decision on the hosts can be expected at the beginning of 2014, with the exact time frame still to be decided.


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Scotland-Wales-Ireland is interesting, and although opening it up to 24 teams means the requirements have risen from 31 games to 51 games by having 24 teams it is now an option to have three automatically qualify as hosts as it still leaves 21 places open. Perhaps a Scandanvian bid might follow in future years.

How it splits will be crucial - the obvious is two groups each but I think Scotland might take a third. In terms of a final venue the Millennium Stadium is the best bet (Croke Park is bigger, but it'll take persuasion for them to allow footballers onto their ground again). I'd imagine then either Ibrox or Celtic Park and the Aviva Stadium get the semi finals, with two quarters in Scotland and one each in Wales and Ireland. The 16-team second round may be split in Scotlands favour again (4-2-2 or 3-3-2), and I think Scotland would get the Opening game - unless perhaps Dublin gets it and perhaps gives Scotland both semi-finals as some kind of trade off.

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If they get the Olympics they won't get the Euros, insists UEFA boss as Istanbul is shortlisted to host 2020 Games

UEFA President Michel Platini has once again reiterated that Turkey will not be allowed to host the European Championship finals in 2020 if Istanbul is awarded the Olympics and Paralympics the same summer.

Within hours of the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) Executive Board, at their meeting in Québec City, whittling down the 2020 candidates from five to three – Istanbul, Madrid and Tokyo – Platini said Turkey was deluding itself if it thought it could stage both events.

"If Istanbul is given the Olympic Games, the Turks will not have the Euros," said Platini, here in the Hungarian capital for the FIFA Congress.

"But if they don't get the Olympics and they are still at the time bidding for the Euros, I will vote for them as I have always said."


Platini's comments were a potential boost for a possible tri-partite bid from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the only expression of interest that landed at that UEFA headquarters by the May 15 deadline.

They are not likely to be the only candidates, however, since UEFA have now opened the bidding to all 53 national associations, with the organisation's general secretary Gianni Infantino insisting the initial deadline was not deliberately imposed to make sure there was at least one rival for Turkey.


He insisted UEFA had no input into the thinking of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but admitted time would now have to be given for any other interested parties to come forward.

"We didn't put any pressure on them," Infantino said.

"Will they continue to bid?

"Why not?

"They have the stadiums, they have the infrastructure.

"But everyone must now be given a chance, time to liaise with their Governments.

"Look what happened to Rome when they pulled out of the 2020 Olympic race."


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Maybe I sound arrogant, but I hate these 2-, 3- or 4-nations-bids. That means, that the teams are automatically qualified for the group stage. We see it this year and we have seen it in 2008, there are quite tough groups and there weak groups. The Ukrainian team is a joke and the Swiss/Austrian teams have been a joke.

Let Russia, Turkey, France, England, Spain, Italy and Germany host the Euro and not these tiny nations like Austria or Switzerland or unsuccessful nations like Poland and Ukraine.

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It's not so much of an issue though with 24 nation tournaments, still leaving 21 spots for others. I really don't think the Euro expansion is a good idea though - as you say it's pretty much tough from the get go with 16 teams but with 24 the group stage will be a formality with 2-3 from each group making the top 16, so the tournament is going to be less competitive.

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There's no problem to qualify 2 countries automatcally, every nation has a chance, remember Denmark was the underdog since they were an invitee in Euro 92 and they won it!

I completlly agree that with 24 nations the tournament won't be as exciting as this one :( for example: Germany-Portugal, Germany-Netherlands, Portugal-Nethetlands, Spain-Italy, France-England all in the group stage... :D could it get any better? ;)

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A Celtic bid would be interesting.

Especially if it's Scotland-Wales-Northern Ireland as opposed to Ireland.

Scotland would offer 3 cities, with perhaps 4 venues, Wales could offer at most 2 cities with 2 venues and Northern Ireland will offer 1 city and 1 venue.

3+2+1 = 6 cities, insufficient and 4+2+1 = 7 venues.

Scotland would probably need to offer 4 cities/5 venues with Wales and Northern Ireland offering 2 cities/2 venues each for a maximum of 8 cities and 9 venues. Highly unlikely.

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So is still open the process? :o I think we might se a fourth bid perhaps... When is the final deadline?

The process is this:

Because UEFA received 'concrete expressions of interest' from 3 bids - Turkey, Celtic Nations, Georgia-Azerbaijan - a formal selection procedure begins amongst the 53 nations.

Any of the 53 members can still bid, even if they did not do so by the 15th May deadline

For example, the Netherlands who chose not to bid because they felt the Turkish bid was a nailed on certainty can now choose to submit a bid if they like rather than wait until 2024 as they'd originally announced. The actual closing date now for official bids will be sometime in April 2013, where a full and comprehensive bid document is submitted.

So the Netherlands could bid and actually could have the ability to host the games with the 2x50, 3x40 and 4x30 capacity requirements. Venues could include:

Amsterdam Arena 52,342

there are plans to increase this capacity to 65,000

Feyenood de Kuip 51,577 or new stadium 68,000

Either or as Feyenood are looking to move. De Kuip becomes an option for either SBV Excelsior or maybe even Sparta Rotterdam. I assume though if Feyenoord moved, the De Kuip will be demolished if there is no new tennant.

Heerenveen Abe Lenstra 26,800

There are already plans to increase this to 35,000+

Eschelde de Grolsche Veste 32,000

There are plans to raise this to 44,000

Eindhoven Philips Stadion 35,000

again another stadium with plans to add another 10,000 seats

Alkmaar AFAS Stadion 17,000

Already being increased to 30,000+

Groningen Euroborg 22,560

Designed to have an extra tier taking capacity to 35,000 - 40,000 seats

Utrecht Stadion Galgenwaard 24,426

Four seperate stands, so temporary stands in the corners would take capacity way beyong 30,000

updated Amsterdam Olympic stadium 22,288

There were plans for 2018 to add a second tier, architecturally possible ... and could be welcome as Amsterdam is hosting the 2016 European Athletics Championships. Alternatives for an additional 30,000 seat stadium would be Roda or Breda. The Gelredome in Arnhem now 25,000 seats used in 2000 cannot be expanded.

So the stadiums would be:

50,000 seats: Amsterdam, Rotterdam

40,000 seats: Eindhoven, Eschelde, Amsterdam Olympic

30,000 seats: Groningen, Utrecht, Alkmaar, Heerenveen

Opening Game: Rotterdam

Quarter Finals: Eindhoven, Enschelde, Amsterdam, Rotterdam

Semi Finals: Rotterdam, Amsterdam

Final: Amsterdam.

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