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This is one of the videos shown by Madrid 2020 during its presentation at the General Assembly of the ANOC in Moscow. It's called "Madrid, pasión por el deporte y la vida" ("Madrid, passion for sport and life") and it uses guitars and flamenco to symbolize the way of life of Madrid citizens and their passion for love, art, gastronomy and the sun, while sport is said to be their soul. I've only found it in Spanish, I don't know if there's an English version.


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I don't even think they've broken ground yet. The decision is made on 7 September 2013 and I would love it if the city waited until then, though of course they can clear the existing stadium

Ideally what they should design is something like the Moses Mabida Stadium with modular and movable seating - a stadium which can be built to hold 80,000 fans, but can have the top tier removed taking the capacity down to 54,000

If it is built with a movable stand section like the Stade de France, Singapore Sports Hub, Stadium Australia etc, the football only capacity could be increased to about 66,000 seats as the stands move out, and Athletico if successful and if demand warrants it could always add the extra seating.

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This is one of the videos shown yesterday at SportAccord:


For 15 years Madrid has been preparing by building infrastructure and keeping our promises to the Olympic Movement. We are not adapting the Olympic and Paralympic Games to fit our city; we have adapted our city to fit the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Madrid offers something new: we have invested wisely in sport, we are prepared for the Games and we are a safe choice

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