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Rio 2016 torch relay

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If we are in democracy we have the right the make and tell the opinion.. but I totally agree with Ikarus, Lefttist use democracy until it's agains on them. When not they make scandal and try to shut up everyone...

We do not need to be Brazilian to have an opinion. Ikarus is from Venezuela, a country totally devastated by the left policies and politicians... and in Chile we have Bachelet who is on the head of, by far, the worst goverment in years....

Anyway, it's not a forum about politics, but the Olympics....

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"Typical leftists" blablabla... Are you from Brazil? You know the serious situation involving questions of the Brazilian Democracy?

I can not see any reason in your comments.

Lol i can feel the butthurt in your comment from here. I'm not from Brazil but that doesn't means I have no right to talk about the issue. Don't be a little girl. And I'm from a country which pretty much does the same Dilma & Friends did and 10 times worse, not mentioning i'm from the country which pretty much spread the cancer that is socialism through the region thanks to Chavez and his oil money (when it was still over 100$ per barrel) I think I know the situation perfectly, but the ones who seem to block your sight from reality seem to be you people.

I'm already used to the crap you guys do for 16 years and how you love to keep everyone poor and miserable so they can depend of the state and citizens are pretty much converted into slaves without will of their own. It's no secret socialists hate intelectuals and individuality and their objective has always and always be to create a Hivemind nation. And they will always say "Socialism has never been executed correctly" or recurre to mental gymnastics in order to look like they won arguments when all they did was dodging unconfortable questions.

If you don't like my comments, well, boo fucking hoo. If you want to keep believing in your failed ideology, go ahead then, but don't attack me because I don't. And btw, keep your political **** in the containment thread that I did or else i'm going to report you to the mods next time for shitposting. Got it?

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Olympic Torch Relay discovers Carnival spirit27-05-2016-Torch-Relay-BG.jpg
©Rio 2016


The Olympic Torch Relay got its first true taste of Brazil’s famous party spirit after arriving in the original capital of Salvador on 24 May. The city, one of the birthplaces of Brazil’s world renowned Carnival, threw a colourful celebration to welcome the Olympic flame complete with traditional Axé music.

27-05-2016-Torch-Relay-inside-01.jpg© Rio


Passing by iconic landmarks including the Lacerda Elevator and the historic, cobbled Pelourinho neighbourhood, the torch was passed from athletes to locals to pop stars. “Carrying the Olympic flame is a huge moment that has lots of meanings,” said Salvador-born swimmer, Alan do Carmo, who will compete in the open water marathon in Rio. “I had the pleasure to carry the torch at the Bonfim da Sagrada Colina Church slope, a very special place in Salvador.”

In one of the most heart-warming moments of the flame’s journey through Salvador, the torch was passed from former boxing world champion, Acelino Freitas to Brazilian diva Daniela Mercury, who was greeted by crowds singing her classic 1990s hit and Salvador anthem, “O Canto da Cidade”. “I’m speechless,” she said, returning to the stage to celebrate the Torch Relay in the evening alongside samba star Thiaguinho and pop/rock band Jota Quest. “The feeling of being so close to this flame is amazing. If you know and love sports, it’s really extraordinary to be part of the relay.”

The celebratory atmosphere continued despite tropical showers as the flame left Salvador for the Bahia countryside, visiting one of the biggest rural towns in Brazil, Feira de Santana on Wednesday, 25 May.

27-05-2016-Torch-Relay-inside-02.jpg© Rio


The soundtrack for the leg was the emotive “O tema da vitória”, the music made famous in the victories of the late Brazilian Formula 1 legend, Ayrton Senna. “This is a very special moment for me and Feira de Santana,” said Andrea Coloma, a handball teacher, who was the first Torchbearer in the town. “I think this day will be forever in our memories and will encourage my students for the future. And I hope it helps them to learn discipline and responsibility.”

The flame was due to continue through the Bahia countryside before crossing the state border into Pernambuco and visiting the town of Petrolina.

The Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Relay has three Presenting Partners: Worldwide TOP Partner Coca-Cola, which continues its longstanding support for Olympic torch relays, and local Partners Bradesco and Nissan. For further information, please visit the Rio 2016 website.


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So, the Olympic Flame made a tour around the city last sunday (May 29) and I was one of the 110 people chosen to be a torchbearer. The nomination was confirmed earlier this month. I was selected by the committee because mostly because of my work as a teacher at a community cram school, a student debate society founded by myself and and an archery workshop I brought to a state school last year. This is nothing compared to many great people I met at our gathering point and their truly inspiring stories.

The sunday was rainy here in Maceió, but the crowds were big near the starting point of the relay. The parade of the sponsors ahead of us (Coca-cola) was a party! Lots of music and people dancing despite the drizzle. I was the 15th runner that night and you can see me igniting my torch in the pic below.


The olympic torch is light and the flame looks pretty elegant in it. It's a neat sound when we release the gas and the segments open up. The torchbearers run for only 200 meters and I ran as slowly as I could, but the security squad noticed and joked saying 'hey man, we see what you're trying to do'. I passed the flame to a girl but before we planned to do something funny to the media truck: I proposed to her, kneeling myself and she said yes before lighting her torch. The people were shocked! :lol:

And that's how it ended. It was fun, inspiring and unforgettable.


Congratulations - both for your moment with the Olympic Torch, and your proposal an answer. Great pics and great story!

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And an unusual protest in Olinda (Pernambuco).

The torch relay in the city was canceled. Reason: the city is flooded.

It was not a protest. The guy is making fun of the situation. Do you know what is natural disaster? So, we had one here these days. I'm from Recife, the capital of Pernambuco state. Hope Cauê doesn't know more than me about my own state :rolleyes:

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