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2020 Applicant files - Let's share the links...

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I think Coe puts it very nicely:

Tokyo has to get its message right if it is to win 2020 Olympics, Coe advises

29 - Sebastian Coe has urged Tokyo officials bidding for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics to be sure of their message, claiming that that is more important than explaining how they will stage the Games if they are awarded them.

The London 2012 chairman gave the advice to Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara during a visit to the Japanese capital today.

"The point I made was that actually it's as important to understand why a city is bidding for the Games, or why you want the Games, what you want it to do for your city," Coe told The Daily Yomiuri after meeting Ishihara, the driving force behind Tokyo's campaign to host the Olympics for the first time since 1964.

"It's probably more important to ask that question than how you are going to deliver the Games."

British bookmakers have installed Tokyo as the favourites ahead of rivals Baku, Doha, Istanbul and Madrid, mainly on the basis that they will earn the sympathy vote following last year's earthquake and tsunami which devastated the country.

"The IOC (International Olympic Committee) is looking for the most appropriate bid at the time they are bidding," said Coe.

"They are not sitting there creating a template saying it has to go to an emerging nation, or it can't go to a mature nation.

"For IOC members, it's quite obvious at the time."


more @ insidethegames

It's like Rio. Rio's presentations and its famous big map with the Olympic rings played far more of a role in getting people to vote for it than the bid book ever did ... if anything, the bid book would have been a hindrance compared to the rest.

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