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Doha Bid logo

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I like it.

The branches may be characters or writing of something. Wasn't a description published with it?

...Also a tree represents so many things that can apply to Doha.






Etc etc

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Umm maybe it's my excitement for their candidacy but I find it strange that none of you have come to the obvious conclusion. Doha is a desert state trees aren't common there. This logo symbolizes the Olympics as an oasis in the desert. The mere presence of the games is like a tree bringing richness to the desert. Sport and culture are like the fruits and the trunk and leaves are like the dependability of the people. Well that last part might be inaccurate but I definitely get the whole Olympics as an oasis in the desert vibe.

I like it but I definitely think Baku and Tokyo have the most uniquely nationalist logos where you instantly know who's it is. The beauty and fame of the cherry blossom vs the traditional Baku weaving method. Doha's is good but their's are better. Madrid NO.

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So far, each logo has left me with different impressions than what the logo designs probably intended...

Tokyo says "Christmas time"

Baku says "bland internet company"

Madrid says "birth control prescription", "children's hospital" or a "defunct NBC logo"

Doha says "save our planet", not necessarily something you would expect from a country who contributes their wealth to the destruction of the planet.

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A sun or an sand hourglass representing the anguish of the athletes to finish the match because of the heat would be more appropriate, but it seems they want to change this "desert" image of the country after all the concerns about the integrity of the athletes in the world cup.

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And purple appears again! Although it's true that this time it's related to the flag of the bidding country.

Apart from the tree, I can also see something similar to a field of wheat... Anyway, I kind of like it, it looks professional, but I think it's not as good as their 2016 logo.

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