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Albertville 1992, 20th Anniversary


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February 8th 1992.... February 8th 2012 !!!

20 years later, Albertville is celebrating the Olympic Games !

Celebrations are starting this evening with a big show at the Ice Skating Arena, with among the guest Jean-Claude Killy & Jacques Rogge !


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I have the opening ceremony of Albertville in very good memories - it was really extraordinary!!!

I like the way how the different sports were "introduced" to the audience - I remember a kind of rocker, which was used for luge - the rocker became a chute - and the luge dashed out of the rocker/chute and slider over the floor of the stadium...

Or the fantastic extravagant costumes - my favourite ones, where the stilt walker in red with white gallons, which hovered over their heads..

And I loved the idea of the snowball bubble ladies, with the name of the entering nation during the entrance ceremony!!!

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