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National Stadium(1964 Olympic Stadium)


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4 hours ago, yoshi said:

It looks much bigger than 60000. 

I think this is because of the suites and/or concourses separating tiers of seats, thus creating greater verticality.

Compare Dinama Stadion in Minsk to Petrovsky Stadion in St Petersburg.



They are roughly the same capacity, but the stadium in Minsk is taller and thus looks much larger.

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On 11/11/2019 at 6:46 PM, yoshi said:

It looks much bigger than 60000. 

That's what I keep saying. Wish it was bigger, especially now after seeing the demand in Japan be so high, but I'm glad for the new stadium which will enhance the ceremonies and experience. The old stadium or the one in Yokohama would've held Japan back technologically, which is where we all want them to thrive because that's what they're known for. Regardless, I'm still very excited for the ceremonies.

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Tokyo 2020 National Stadium officially finished

Tokyo’s National Stadium, set to be the centerpiece of next year’s Olympic Games, was officially finished on Saturday and handed over to its owner and operator, the Japan Sport Council.

Construction on the 60,000 capacity stadium was finished earlier this month but Saturday marked the official completion date and a landmark moment for organizers eight months out from the start of the Games.

It will be officially unveiled on Dec. 21, with the Emperor’s Cup soccer final being the first sporting event to be held there on New Year’s Day.

“We are very pleased that construction of the stadium – a key symbol of the Tokyo 2020 Games – has now been completed; it makes us realize just how close we are getting to the start of the Games,” said Tokyo 2020 CEO Toshiro Muto in a statement on Saturday.

“We are so looking forward to seeing athletes from all over the world marching into the new stadium at the Opening Ceremony... when the eyes of the world will be on this iconic symbol of the Tokyo 2020 Games.”

Completed at a cost of more than $1.25 billion, the stadium, which can accommodate 60,000, will also host the athletics and soccer events during the Games.

Construction started in December 2016, about 14 months later than planned, after the original design was scrapped because of a public outcry over spiraling costs.

The delay meant the stadium could not host matches of the Rugby World Cup, as originally planned.

After several post-Games renovations due to end late in 2022, the stadium will host sporting and cultural events for years to come.

NOVEMBER 30, 2019 


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On 12/23/2019 at 3:00 AM, TorchbearerSydney said:

Great stadium..I wonder if they have reinstalled the plaques with the medal winners from 1964?

Not sure, though the old mosaics of Nomi no Sukune and Athena which were in the old stadium were preserved and also installed in the new one.

Yesterday, the very first sport event in the new National Stadium was held, with the final of the Emperor Cup being held there.


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The only other venues that had been constructed prior to the International Olympic Committee awarding the 1964 Summer Games to Tokyo were the National Stadium, the Mitsuzawa Football Field, the Nishikyogoku Athletic Stadium, the Prince Chiba Memorial Football Field, the Todo Rowing Course, and the Tokyo 
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