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National Stadium(1964 Olympic Stadium)


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There is something slightly sublime about A- it will blend into the park beautifully.

Both are worthy Olympic stadiums, and a USbillion dollar saving is well worth all the angst.

I think they've pared it back too far. I still think they should've built something more like the Stade de France with retractable seating.

They've gone too far in the other direction from Hadid's designs and landed themselves with a huge athletics stadium that will function poorly for almost all other sports. This is meant to be Japan's National Stadium and they've swung from one extreme (starchitect, retractable seats and retractable roof) to the other (basic design which will only function well for athletics) with these plans, when something in between the two extremes would've been best.

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Tokyo Olympic stadium designs draw praise from critics but fail to excite public

Sports critics heaped praise while members of the public were divided over the two proposed designs for the new National Stadium.
“The proposals are similar,” Hiroshi Yamamoto, a professor of sports media at Tokyo’s Hosei University, said of the “technical proposals” released by the Japan Sport Council on Monday. “I think they became similar after the selection process was started all over and desirable features were narrowed down.”
The two anonymous documents, submitted to a tender process to select the design for the main venue of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, are both titled, “stadium in a forest,” and share similar total construction costs and completion dates.
“The entrants (in the tender) both sought functionality rather than flashy appearance,” Yamamoto said. “I would give passing marks to both, and I would be hard-pressed to choose one.”
The tender forms part of a fresh design selection process started in September after a proposal by architect Zaha Hadid was accepted and then rejected. The rejection followed a public outcry over an unclear selection process, the stadium’s extravagant scale and snowballing costs.
In a statement Monday, Hadid’s office criticized the way the government opted to replace the existing design team with entirely new firms.
“There are now serious risks of a rushed process, with no certainty on the likely construction cost of the stadium, and that it may not be ready in time or deliver a significant sporting legacy without expensive conversion after the 2020 Games,” a spokesman for Zaha Hadid Architects said.
In the current tender, the government-affiliated Japan Sport Council released the only two proposals without naming who created them, labeling them only as A and B.
The bidders are believed to be two joint ventures — the one behind plan A reportedly includes construction giant Taisei Corp. and architect Kengo Kuma, while the group that submitted plan B reportedly includes Takenaka Corp., Shimizu Corp., Obayashi Corp. and architect Toyoo Ito.
Akemi Masuda, a former Olympic runner and sports writer, said she likes the prominent use of wood and the avoidance of excessive height, features shared by the two projected structures.
“There was so much ballyhoo . . . (before the latest proposals), but, after all, I have a feeling we will have a great stadium designed with Japanese intricacy,” she said.
People out jogging Monday near the construction site were divided.
“They are just OK designs, but they are realistic,” said Shimpei Toeda, 35, who described himself as self-employed. “More important to local residents is for the stadium to continue to be used on a constant basis.”
Yasuhiro Kimura, a 34-year-old company employee, said that “both designs have a mundane appearance, and I can’t tell one from the other,” while 16-year-old Akihiro Mori, a high school baseball player, said in a disapproving tone, “They don’t have the characteristics particular to Tokyo.”
Satoko Ohashi, who co-heads a citizens’ group that has opposed the new National Stadium project, blasted the way the JSC hid parts of the proposals, including those that detailed entrants’ ideas to cut costs.
“I don’t understand (why) they want to hide things at this stage,” Ohashi said. “Also, it’s too late for the JSC to disclose them.”
Tomoyuki Suzuki, a Juntendo University professor and former Tokyo Metropolitan Government employee, called on the government to continue efforts to keep the public updated on the construction process.

December 15,2015

Link to this article:http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2015/12/15/national/new-olympic-stadium-designs-draw-praise-critics-fail-excite-public/#.VnD6yE

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How the hell do you do such a thing with a stadium?

Uh, let me take that one: by hiring an architect with vision, intellegence, perception, knowledge, skill, aesthetic sense, depth? by hiring an architect who knows what they're doing?

You leave it to the experts, the good ones, that's how.

It's something this sports council either doesn't understand, was in too much of a bind to do, or just blew it.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has been bungled. Doesn't matter, there'll be a 2024, just around the corner.

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I get the feeling most of the people of Tokyo just want their old stadium back. The 1964 games were so huge for Japan, there must be nostalgia for it & its stadium. Maybe Palette could give us an idea of how the locals reacted to the demolition of the original stadium?

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Expert panel evaluates details, design of planned new National Stadium

The review panel for construction of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics’ main stadium completed the evaluation of two proposals from unnamed bidders Saturday, when it held 90-minute hearing sessions for each group.
The Japan Sport Council’s (JSC) panel of seven members, specializing in architecture and landscape, has marked the proposals out of 140 points. The cost and the period of the construction accounted for 70, 50 covered the attention toward “Japaneseness” of the stadium and the enforcement policy of the construction was marked out of 20.
“I was passed on the thoughts from the committee. I will go through them myself and will inform (on the selection) in due course,” said Kazumi Ohigashi, the senior director of the JSC in charge of the project and the operation of the stadium.
Although the council did not disclose who the bidders are, said to be two joint ventures, one formed by companies including construction giant Taisei Corp., and the other a three-way joint venture comprising Takenaka Corp., Shimizu Corp. and Obayashi Corp.
Both had their proposals unveiled Monday and cited the total construction cost estimated at ¥148.9 and ¥149.6 billion, respectively.
“I gave it my best,” said former Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Toyoo Ito after the hearing, believed to be involved in the three-way joint venture’s plan. Kengo Kuma, known for taking charge of the reconstruction of the Kabuki-za Theater in Tokyo and likely to be member of the other party, left without comment.
In addition to the result of the evaluation, views from former athletes in this week’s discussion session and those from the public posted online will all be taken into account before Ohigashi selects the constructor.
The winner will be named at a meeting of relevant Cabinet ministers to be held by the end of the year.
The government in July scrapped the original stadium plan conceived by Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid amid public outcry over the estimated cost, which nearly doubled from the initially projected ¥130 billion.
The selection process also came under scrutiny after much of the information regarding the project was not made public.

December 19,2015

News source:The Japan Times


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Found this article just now:


Japan Sport Council seen leaning toward design A for new National Stadium

Staff Report

The Japan Sport Council will recommend that the government pick design A of the two proposals, involving architect Kengo Kuma, for the new National Stadium, the Asahi Shimbun reported Tuesday.

Although the council has refused to name the bidders, news reports have identified design A as being a plan put forward by companies including construction giant Taisei Corp. and Kuma. Design B is rumored to be one submitted by a three-way venture comprising Takenaka Corp., Shimizu Corp. and Obayashi Corp. and involving architect Toyo Ito.

Winners of the design bid for the stadium, to be used for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, will be announced on Tuesday morning after a meeting of related Cabinet ministers.

On Saturday, the Olympic stadium review panel finished evaluating two proposed designs for the new National Stadium, holding 90-minute hearings for each group.

The JSC’s seven-member panel specializing in architecture and landscape marked the proposals out of 140 points, with cost and construction time accounting for 70 points, attention toward “Japanese-ness” for 50, and enforcement policy for 20.

The two design proposals were unveiled last week. Their cost estimates are between ¥148.9 billion and ¥149.6 billion. The stadium budget is ¥155 billion.

In addition to the evaluations, the views of former athletes and public comments posted online will all be taken into account before Kazumi Ohigashi, senior JSC director in charge of the project and stadium operations, selects the winner.

In July, the government scrapped the original stadium plan conceived by Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid amid public outcry over its estimated cost, which nearly doubled from the initially projected ¥130 billion.

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Since A won, I went through the presentation file and pulled out a bunch of interesting photos...


October 2016-April 2017


May 2017-January 2018


February 2018-February 2019


March 2019-November 2019


Concourses and VIP Areas




note: the last two schedule pictures are (obviously) flipped. My bad.

Here's some more pictures...

Construction Details




Then you have the breakdown of how different seating arrangements will add up...




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