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Innsbruck 2012 Opening Ceremony

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already tired waiting for this..:(..very upset,hope someone will upload it on youtube ..

sorry, I didn't know it would only be able to watch it in austria. same problem here in Germany... Hopefully they'll do it like Singapore in 2010 and post the OC on YouTube.

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The background music during the parade, remind me a little bit the one from Vancouver !

the have a big videoscreen with a world map where they colored in red each of the country participating, the one after the other....

Africa is still pretty white compared to the rest of the world :angry:

And it's time for Austria.... a triumph !!!! :)

Back to the show... folkloric music & dance !!!

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Thanks SwissO for your commentary - keep it up - I'm bringing you a bigger audience. There may be a free Premium Membership in this for you :)

It's just a shame that there is no worldwide broadcast of the ceremony... and also that IOC or Innsbruck 2012 is not covering it live as i am doing... their last pics on twitter was 30 minutes ago :angry:

OCOG Innsbruck President & IOC president are entering the stadium for their speech...


The "be part of it" dance



Time for Jacques Rogge to speak... in german !

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yeah...very sad

-first they come with bad logo,

-they run competition for medal design,but again,they not used the winning design,

-then inappropriate mascot

-torch was revealed..but..hurmmm,the one from singapore..

-now the ceremony,such a waste opportunity..they actually can promote their culture n city to the world,

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