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F1 2012 - The Official Thread


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Formula Sochi takes active part for the new Russian circuit Formula Sochi announces interim results for the construction of the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix circuit which will they hope will hosts other series events including the WEC, MotoGP, Formula 3, and WTCC.
Added: Yesterday at 7:12pm

The circuit operator and organizer of Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix, "Formula Sochi" takes an active part in the construction of the autodrome, and develops long-term race implementation plan.

Alexander Bogdanov, CEO of "Formula Sochi": "The construction of the racing track in Sochi is going into high gear. The 5854 m long circuit is one of the longest in the Formula One World Championship. The autodrome will also host different racing series such as FIA GT World Series, FIA WEC, WTCC, Formula 3, and Russian national championships. We are working through the possibility of hosting motorcycle racing of highest level: Moto GP, World Superbike, and others.

Alexander Bogdanov, CEO of Formula Sochi

Photo by: Formula Sochi

"More than a thousand engineering personnel and workers and 110 units of construction machinery are involved in the construction by OJSC "Center of "Omega", the developer of the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix circuit. All the work is aimed at achieving the best quality of the future racing track. Control over construction is performed by designing company Tilke GmbH and Russian experts.

"Summing up 2012 results, it is safe to say that the company "Formula Sochi" gets into gear in the preparation of the Russian stage of Formula 1 Grand Prix, which includes the enhancing of working relations with international promoter. Close coordination with the group of Formula 1 companies headed by Bernie Ecclestone gives us a confidence that the Russian Grand Prix will be organized on time and at a high level."

Hermann Tilke, the architect of the Formula 1 circuits: "Together with Omega and Formula Sochi we are deeply involved in the Russian Grand Prix project and we are glad that all works are going according to schedule considering the large amount of coordination necessary with the Olympic construction. There is no doubt that the circuit will be meeting all the requirements for Formula One and maybe also for the Moto GP. The circuit is going to be very fast and technical and offering a number of interesting features. It is a fantastic facility with a great atmosphere and it will be outstanding as the circuit will run through the Olympic Park. I am very optimistic about the future of the unique race track in Sochi and am looking forward to a triumphant start of Formula 1 in Russia."

Construction of Sochi F1 track

Photo by: Formula Sochi

The circuit integration into Olympic Park infrastructure being built for the 2014 Winter Olympics is one of the key features of the Russian racing track. Many massive Olympic venues are already built, some sport facilities have been put in commission, while the motorsport venue is in the active phase of construction. Construction crews are making good progress with the preparing of groundworks and laying of asphalt coat; first layer of pavement has been laid in some areas.

The track, twisted in a clockwise direction and consisting of l2 right and 6 left turns, will be а great combination of speed and technical sections. The Formula 1 car will develop the maximum speed of 321 km/h in a straight between the first and second turns of the total length of about 650 m. The average lap speed is 215 km / h.

Basic infrastructure for Formula 1 circuit is composed of the Main Grandstand, the Race Control building, Team building, Pit building and Medical Center.

Works on the construction of Race Control building, connected to Pit Building, are in its final stage. Pit Building consists of the main level with 33 pits, with three floors of rooms and VIP lounges, and a roof terrace. The main part of the second floor is occupied by press center and podium. Parts of the second, third and fourth floors and the roof terrace are dedicated to Paddock Club. In the spring of 2013 exterior and interior works and installation works will begin.

Construction of Sochi F1 track

Photo by: Formula Sochi

Main grandstand, being built opposite the boxes, is expected to host 13,600 race fans. The soil stabilization works with use of the latest technology, developed and successfully implemented by local specialists, are completed. Commentator booths are situated on the top floor of the grandstand.

The circuit infrastructure involves elevators and other accommodations for people with disabilities, creating a barrier-free environment to the highest standards.

Formula 1 circuit in figures:

Circuit length: 5854 km;
Maximum speed: 320 km / h;
Circuit width: 13-15 m;
Number of turns: 18;

Developer of the circuit: OJSC "Center "Omega"
Designer of the circuit: Tilke GmbH & Co.KG;
Operator of the circuit: OJSC "Formula Sochi"

OJSC "Formula Sochi"


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Marussia confirms Timo Glock's departure

Marussia has confirmed German driver Timo Glock is leaving the team ahead of the start of the 2013 Formula 1 season.

Marussia said they had agreed to part company by mutual consent.

Glock had joined the team when it made its F1 debut at the start of the 2010 season, and he had extended his contract until the end of 2014.

The team has failed to score a point in F1 and lost the vital 10th place in the constructors' championship to Caterham in the final race of 2012 season in Brazil.

The news means Marussia will need to find another driver to race alongside rookie Max Chilton.

The team said it will announce its final line-up in due time.


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Russian Grand Prix to be held in 2014 - Sochi mayor

MOSCOW | Fri Jan 25, 2013 1:35pm GMT

(Reuters) - The Russian Grand Prix - the country's first Formula One race - will be held in Sochi in November 2014 despite delays in constructing the circuit, the city's mayor said on Friday.

"It will be held in November, after the (2014 Winter) Olympics," Anatoly Pakhomov told reporters in Moscow.

Last year local media reported, citing sources within the Russian Automobile Federation, that work on the $200-million project had been stopped.

"It will be held in November, after the (2014 Winter) Olympics," Anatoly Pakhomov told reporters in Moscow.

Last year local media reported, citing sources within the Russian Automobile Federation, that work on the $200-million project had been stopped.

Pakhomov, however, dismissed any doubts about the construction being completed on time.

"The circuit's construction is being closely monitored by the regional government. Everything is going according to plan," he said. "If we had any problems we would have asked for help from other regions."

In 2010, Russia signed a seven-year deal with Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone to stage a Grand Prix race in the Black Sea resort from 2014 until 2020.

Sochi hosts the Winter Olympics in February 2014.


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Lotus to kick-off 2013 F1 season with online unveiling of E21

Lotus will officially kick off the build-up to the 2013 Formula 1 season on Monday night when it unveils its new E21 during an online launch.


Lotus's car will be unveiled on its own YouTube channel at 7.15pm GMT.

Following the Lotus launch on Monday, McLaren will follow with its unveiling at its Woking factory on Thursday, before both Ferrari and Force India launch their cars on Friday.

2013 pre-season dates
Car launches

Team Date
Lotus January 28
McLaren January 31
Ferrari February 1
Force India February 1
Sauber February 2
Red Bull February 3
Mercedes February 4
Toro Rosso February 4
Caterham February 5
Williams February 19


RobH: time to start a new 2013 F1 thread, isnt it? ^_^

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