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London Countdown Signature


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I don't know how to ad a signature

Click "Your Control Panel", then click "Personal Info", then click "Edit Your Profile". Copy what's inside this code box:


Once you've done that, go back to that page, scroll down, paste what you just copied into a box called "Your Signature" and then click "Amend your profile".

you Mr.X are only using game bids to put very stupid and poor things.

And in this day specially when premium members are only going to be able to post.

Stupid as in I'm not supporting your bid, Madrid 2012?

Premium Members are being locked out only because of the huge traffic that comes to GamesBids.com whenever there's a Olympic Host City Announcement. Everytime there is one, it costs site owners a lot of money to operate the site as they have to buy many times more bandwidth and often whenver this happens, the forums freeze or that it takes a very long time to load. Errors also happen.

Of course, you would've known that since this is your first announcement.

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X you are just an idiot..i never said something about Madrid or something like that.. ionly put that your topics are plain and have no further point on this moment.


lol, if this were done for Madrid, I don't think you would've said anything.

and this is a London Countdown Signature topic, what do you think it is? A history lesson of the city? These are for the London supporters. It's less than 12 hours before the host city is announced, shut up and enjoy the last minutes of Madrid 2012!

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