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Online call-in podcast

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Hi all,

I've asked this in the past but I'll do so again now that the "GamesBids.com 2-Minute Report" is launched with some success. Would any of you be interested in joining a Q and A type call in show online? I'm thinking as a first topic we could discuss the Top Ten 2011 list.

Who would likely "call in" for this (you can call a U.S. based phone number OR simply use an online interface with speakers and a microphone)? Of course we would have to work out a time-of-day since we are all scattered over the planet but this can be resolved if there is some interest.

Any comments?

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Ok - we're going to try this. I'll set up a pilot show for tomorrow (Thursday, January 5th) 2:00pm North America EST (19:00 GMT/UTC). I know this does not work for everyone, I've tried to gear it towards Europe where a bulk of our participant reside. In the future we can move it around to accomodate others.

This will be a limited test show, meaning that I will not announce it widely but only in the forums as a trial. This will help me test the concept and allow our core members a chance to participate.

I will post another topic in the forum shortly with more details and I would appreciate a reply if you will be able to join. If we don't get enough callers (by phone or VOIP) I may have to cancel.


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