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Which of the 2020 cities have a revolving restaurant?

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What kind of question is this? :lol:

It's a Christmas day, inscrutable kind of question for those who can glean the meaning of how the stars align with the logarithms of the constellations!! That's THAT kind of question this is!!

Just remember this question when the votes are counted in September 2013!!

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Baron's Olympic-Revolving Restaurant Codex works again!!

Tokyo with two operating RRs beats Istanbul with only one RR and Madrid with ZERO RR!!

Watch the 2024 race: Durban has ONE RR named "Roma"; Paris/France has only one in Herault; and Italy, if Roma competes, has NONE as of 2013. If ROme or Paris want to win, they have to build at least TWO RRs each along with all the other Olympic infrastructure.

And I am serious. The Olympian gods like to view the IOC matches and Olympic bidding from RRs! :DB)

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I really don't mind Tokyo hosting "again". I mean who on these boards was even alive back in 1964! And the very few that probably were, were just infants back then to even remember them. I didn't see too many people having a fit with London hosting for a THIRD time. I, for one think it's great. Tokyo 2020 will mark the 2nd, out of the 4 mega cities of the world, hosting the Olympics in the 21st century after London 2012. The other two being Paris & New York, which one will go to at least 100 years since it last hosted & the other never having hosted. Tokyo 2020 intrigues me very, very much!

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For 2022, it looks like Munich is the only one with a working RR. So, at this point, I will forecast that come the 127th IOC Session in Kuala Lumpur in 2015, Thomas Bach will read the name of "Munich" as the 2022 Winter host city! Forget all the GB BidIndex and ATR's Power Index or whatever it's called. My BRROI works!!

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For 2024, this would be interesting. Especially for USOC that would be compelled to choose Los Angeles due to its one active revolving restaurant (two others are closed or don't revolve).

L.A.: 1 active

Durban: 1

Toronto: 1 active (1 doesn't revolve)

Paris: 0

Rome: 0

Doha: 1

Istanbul: 1

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