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NHL participation in 2014?

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Crosby has been named captains of Team Canada, which he should be, as the best player with the biggest household reputation. Toews and Weber are alternates.

Crosby is the most skilled player, and has the biggest household reputation. Doesn't mean he's the best player

If you could only pick Crosby or Toews for your team, and ignoring the politics, who would you pick?

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Who would I pick? For my team? Crosby, of course.

Who would I make captain of Team Canada? Crosby.

Who would I make captain of my NHL team? Crosby.

Toews is a great player, renowned for his defence and leadership, but he's no Crosby. It's like asking me to choose between Yzerman and Gretzky. As much as I respect Yzerman, how can you not choose Gretzky?

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As for Crosby vs. Toews.

Toews is just more likable and comes across as a more genuine and sincere person than Crosby who gives nothing but sound bits and hockey hyperbole. And I still haven't forgiven the whining and still remember how he was very ineffective during the Memorial Cup and World Juniors. As he also was in many playoff series.Add to that, one more concussion and Crosby could be the next Eric Lindros.

So from a local marketing, personality, long-term stability and overall team building I would rather have Toews. And to think, Pittsburgh could have taken Toews in the draft.

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It really doesn't matter I think: Crosby is a good choice as captain, Toews would have been a good choice as captain. Not having the C doesn't mean you can't be a leader in the dressing room.

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While NHL players are in Sochi preparing for the Olympic schedule to begin, league officials are already working on a decision regarding participation for the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea.

According to the Globe and Mail, a decision between the NHL and the Players' Association should come within the six months.
"I can tell you, (a decision) shouldn't take all that long," NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly told the Globe and Mail. "It's part of a broader discussion with the players association about what we're doing internationally. That discussion is under way. I would anticipate a fairly quick resolution with respect to the Olympics - six months."
The decision to participate in Sochi came just eight months before the Games due to the lockout that shortened the 2012-23 season to 48 games.
Daly added that success at these Games will be determined on the competitiveness of the tournament and injuries to players.
"Player injury is an important factor. In Torino, in 2006, we had a couple of key players get injured and not be able to help their NHL teams down the stretch and that left a sour taste in the heads of a lot of our owners. In Vancouver, we were almost injury free, so it was a totally different experience," Daly told the Globe and Mail. "There are a lot of metrics that go on in the Olympic Games and we'll do a post-Olympic report, but I'm not sure there's anything that's absolute in terms of - well, if we hit so many eyeballs, we're coming back or not coming back. It's going to be more of a touch and feel thing."
The report indicates the International Ice Hockey Federation would like to make inroads in the Asian market but Daly doesn't believe the NHL would have as much to gain in the near future.
"You're never going to ignore the Asian market," added Daly, "it's very important. But I also don't view it as a realistic short-term objective to make an impact in the Asian market. It's more of a long-term objective for the sport generally."
While Daly concedes the players enjoy participating in the Olympics and there is no bigger stage for the sport, the league would prefer to bring back the World Cup of Hockey as a best-on-best tournament and hold it on their terms.
"The players who get to participate really enjoy the opportunity and the players who don't get the opportunity enjoy the time off in February. So from a players' perspective, it's a very player friendly event," Daly told the Globe and Mail.
"Having said that, there are a lot of negatives that come along with the Olympics. The fact is, we're guests here. It's not our tournament. In terms of making it as good as it can be, we really don't have control over that. There are positives and negatives, with everything."


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South Korea is a different Asian nation to tap into for NHL exposure than Japan was in the sense that Japan was already getting a taste of high level hockey internationally (and beyond) and NHL exposure by Nagano. By comparison, South Korea still has much work to do to be and compete at a respectable and higher level, because the drop-off in talent is significant between the top 12-22 nations and South Korea. And that's not going to change in South Korea's favor overnight, not even in Pyongchang. Will the NHL have a regular season game played in Seoul to start things off? I'm thinking for now it would

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