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NHL participation in 2014?

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Fleury didn't dress for 2010 as far as I know.

You must be an active member of a team/relay to recieve a medal. It is a stipulation of the Olympic Charter. Only participating/competing athletes recieve medals.

So if a team uses all 25 roaster spots, all 25 players must dress in at least one game to get that medal.

Anyways as for the Canadian team. I am really hoping Matt Duchene makes the team in the 13 to 14th forward spot and from what is being reported he is in the running with Seguin and Benn. If Chris Kunitz makes the team I'll be:


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Finland annouced their team today. Two big surprises are that Sasha Barkov and Olli Maatta as 18 and 19 yr/olds have made the Finnish team. They probably made it due to the addition of 3 more roaster spots, but still you won't see Canada take Nathan MacKinnon for example.

I am really hoping for a Finland vs. Canada gold medal game with Finland beating the Russians in the Semis.

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For captaincy: Crosby is a year older and is a better player than Toews. Toews might be more respected by some, but he needs 5+ years on Crosby for this respect to outweigh Crosby's skills. Since there is no obvious Lemieux-Yzerman-Sakic-Niedermayer-type choice this time around, might as well go with the best player.

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It is very hard to predict this tournament. Based on the strength of groups my best guess for the ranking is 1) Canada, 2) Sweden, 3) Russia, 4) Finland, 5) USA, 6) Czech Republic, 7) Slovakia, 8) Switzerland, 9) Norway, 10) Latvia, 11) Austria, 12) Slovenia

So you have

Canada vs Switzerland/Norway

Finland vs USA/Slovenia

Russia vs Czech Republic/Austria

Sweden vs Slovakia/Latvia.

Based on that, the most likely quarter-final trip-up is either Canada or Sweden. But it is just as possible that USA and Russia switched.

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United States

There has to be serious concern about this team they won't score many but the big question is will they keep many out could be a fair amount of 2-1 type games.


Looks better then the 2010 team but the big issue is the weak pool there in will it go to there heads thinking there going to be easy games if so it could be a very short tournemant for them.


In 2010 they went with many Khl players and it did not work you would think they would learn but no they did not i would be shocked if they make it past the 1st play off round.


Out of all the big teams this is the only team you can say is a lock to make the semi finals.

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