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Baku 2020 Official Logo and Website

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Baku 2020 unveiled its logo and website :cheers2:


Slogan: Together We Can

The Baku 2020 Bid logo is inspired by the world-famous Azerbaijani carpets.

In particular, the Bid logo’s design is inspired by how, in these spectacular and valuable works of art, each brightly coloured individual thread is woven together with others to create something amazing, delightful, surprising and beautiful.

The logo is not only a colourful representation of a carpet, the weave itself also subtly spells out Baku’s ‘dream date’ of 2020.

Finally, the Baku 2020 logo is a visual articulation of the central proposition of our Bid: bringing things together to create something much greater and more marvellous than simply the sum of their individual parts.

The Baku 2020 Bid is not just concerned about what the Olympic Movement can do for Baku and Azerbaijan; it also cares deeply about what Baku and Azerbaijan can in turn do for the Olympic Movement.

We believe there is a close synergy between us: that Baku can offer enormous benefits back to the Olympic Movement if it is granted the honour of hosting the Games in 2020.

This concept of ‘coming together’ is at the very heart of Azeri history and culture. The logo is therefore full of local meaning and provenance. It is not mere decoration, it is a graphical articulation of the Bid’s slogan – “Together we can”.

Each individual colourful thread contributes to making the whole weave stronger and more beautiful. Likewise, we believe that, with the Olympic Movement,

together we can develop, inspire and empower millions of young sportsmen and women;

together we can accelerate the development of team sports in Azerbaijan, as well as introduce new sports into the country, so benefitting young and old, men and women;

together we can spread the values of Olympism to a region of the world that will benefit enormously from these values, putting sport and its importance at the forefront of our society;

together we can nourish new dreams, new friendships and new understandings between competitors, spectators and people that will extend far beyond Azerbaijan and the Olympic Games themselves;

together we can host a fabulous Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Source: http://www.baku2020.com

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That idea of puting those 20's together its awesome!

Doha will probably be on December 23rd.

Its not my favorite logo ever... (such as Paris, NYC 2012 or Rio's bid one) but i like it better than the last campaign

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To repeat what I said in another thread...I like it, but doesn't it violate the IOC rules about using the year as a bid logo? I thought Prague went through something like that when they had that twig that spelled out 2016.

But then Baku has "2020" again beside its city name. I still think it's a little too complicated and it actually reminds of Salt Lake's bid logo:

oooh, can't find it right now.

It looks like a few colored paper clips entangled with each other by someone who has way too much time on his/her hands.

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Their slogan on their official website it's same as one of our presidential election campaign for 2009 campaign... Together we can... Bersama kita bisa... Wahahahahahahahha

Or more like, they've (the organizing committee) been listening to far too many Obama speeches. Yes we can!

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Yes, together we can (bersama kita bisa) is one of the slogan for my country presidential election campaign, but it's not for 2009 campaign, it's for 2004 campaign, and you know what, came as the underdog, he actually won the election, and became our president for 2004 - 2009, and after 2009, he won the election again and now he's the president of my country, so will it Baku as the underdog, use the same tagline, become the winner too ?

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