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Would you support a regular TED event focused solely on sharing the "big ideas" relating to the Olympics?

Imagine a day full of talks from bright and inspiring people. Talks ranging from doping, science of sprinting, technology involved in broadcasting the Games, the process of creating and winning a bid, athlete/human stories of inspiration and willpower, etc...

I approached TED about this idea over a year ago with the dream of hosting an event prior to 2012 in London. The potentially political and brand issues involved made the organization uncomfortable. I still believe this would be a massively impactful event, harnessing the trust and transparency associated with the TED brand and creating dialogue around big ideas at the Olympics. It is after-all what the Games was meant to be...faster, higher, stronger.

Does this idea resonate?


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Doesn't the IOC do this in their own way, though, through the IOC sessions and congresses and other events and activities?

I can understand why TED wouldn't touch this - it isn't their place to do so. One thing you have to remember...the Olympics are a brand owned by the International Olympic Committee. Do you think Toyota, Apple or Coca Cola would be pleased if there was a third party entity hosting a conference to discuss what they could do better with their products and brands? Not bloody likely. Same goes with the IOC.

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