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2020 Bids draw of lots


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Doha is gonna be shortlisted, they are gonna score more than 6.9... And if the IOC accepted their dates, they will shortlist them... Politics...

The discussion about the dates is not over, as it has been said in september by IOC. They still have to work on some points, as the schedule !

An International Olympic Committee source told Reuters the executive board had considered Qatar's request and allowed a bid with such dates to be submitted.

The source said the date approval with the Games to be held in the September/October window merely meant that it would not be "a deal breaker" and that any Qatar bid would still have to solve issues regarding sports calendar scheduling and the health of athletes and visitors even during those dates.

IOC President Jacques Rogge earlier on Friday told reporters in Daegu that he would decide after discussing the matter with his executive board.

Hoops... I did it again ......;

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