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The Fifth Annual GamesBids Logo Competition

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Too much time on my hands. LOL. Heres my second entry. Totally based on the art of Keith Haring. The figures dance and create the letters NYC whilst embracing the Olympic Rings.


Clever and playful.

There's some pretty sick ones here... I lost.

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Even though Im worried I will have the same old arguement with the same old person, Im in.

well, as deterring as the slander suit is, i'm sure i can find a few moments to offer some constructive and honest opinions once all the logos are in.

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A heads-up. I've had a few ideas on logos that I might try my hand at and submit. They may fall flat on execution, though.

And actually, I was thinking, instead of doing a short list before the vote (which I always feel uncomfortable doing), the first poll for both the summer and winter parts (assuming, I think safely, that we have a rush of entrants) will be a semi-final vote. Everyone will get to vote for three of the full range of logos (I'll monitor and count only those votes from people who have selected three or less choices), and the top five will then make it through to the final rounds. I think it takes the burden away - and fallibility - of me having to make the cut - and may make scope for some interesting preference deals!

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Here is my submission for Christchurch 2026


The logo makes up the Kiwi, a NZ bird and icon. The Kiwi's head symbolises a mountain, and the body reflects the waves and also clouds, as New Zealand is surrounded by sea and its name in Maori meaning Land of the long white cloud. The colours reflect the winter games, with the kiwi atop the Olympic rings.

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Hmmm. I don't like to get too nit-picky. It's all a bit of amateur fun. I liked Colin's use of the Apple in the rings myself, but now that you say it about IOC logo rules, that sound's familiar. As for Davey's, I don't see much difference between the use of the rings there and how they are used within London's 2012 logo. And the winning Sochi logo in our earlier comp used the rings surrounded by solid color as well.

I say let the voters decide, but fair enough that such official IOC constraints should be mentioned.

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I'd like to prodly present my submission to NYC 2012 applicant city logo:


I tired something different than city icons or sports motifs, so:

"With this logo I want to bring a subjective message that NYC is a city always in movement, like an athlete during a competition.

The multiple Ns, Ys and Cs gives movement to the brand and also resemble the markings in fields, courts and pools where sports are played.

With the usage of "brighter" colours I bring the diversity of a city that is always renewing itself thanks to the diversity of its inhabitants and their different ways of life.

The design itself sounds contemporary, fresh, modern like New York City, a NEW CITY for 2024 Olympic Games!"

- DannyelBrazil

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Here is my resubmission for NYC 2024:


The logo represents:

The lady Liberty

The Olympic Flame

Warm summer american colors

White lines represent the waterways that run either side of Manhattan

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Ok i didnt read the thread before i started designing.

I drew the rings myself, i know tokyo did one but this is a practice unless we cant have practices in which case this is my entry haha

looks really bad i know but still good for a first shot?


ohhh god mine looks like it was drawn by a 6 year old compared to others here lol

and another thing i wasnt meant to do 2020 haha ok on to do christchurch

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