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2011 Southeast Asian Games

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The Southeast Asian Games (better known as the SEA Games) will begin next week at the city of Palembang, Indonesia (although Jakarta will share the host at some events). So I opened a thread for those interested.


Logo (inspired on the Garuda, mythical creature and national symbol of Indonesia. Green stroke represents mountains and forests, blue stroke represents Nusantara ocean and red stroke represent courage, zeal, and burning passion)


The official mascot for 2011 Southeast Asian games Indonesia is called Modo and Modi, a pair of Komodo dragon.[23] Modo is a male Komodo dragon wearing blue traditional Indonesian costume and batik sarong, while and Modi is female Komodo dragon wearing red kebaya also with batik sash. The mascot was adopted from Komodo dragon, an endemic Indonesian fauna native to Komodo, Rinca, and Padar islands in East Nusa Tenggara.

Most of the events will happen at the Jakabaring Sport City at Palembang









The torch relay began last week. The flame was lit at the Komodo National Park

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Why are they co-hosting. They should just hold the events in Jakarta to show it off as a potential 2019 Asian Games site. If my memory is right I believe the OCA president said earlier this year Jakarta was the favourite?

Because Jakarta already hosted the 1987 and 1997 games, so Indonesia wanted another city to host them instead of centralize the event. At least that's what it seems to be the case.

Either way, the games are a good chance to showcase the country capacity to host the Asiad.

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Damn, I missed the opening ceremony :lol: aw well, Youtube exists for a reason

Very impressive for the SEA Games. Vientiane 2009 looks like a school party compared to this XD

Indonesia really seems serious on their intentions to get the 2019 Asiad.

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