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Oslo 2022


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An article in a German paper today raises the question whether the "mourning band" scandal will cause so much friction between IOC and Norway that it will even endanger Oslo's bid.

Not the smartest move by the IOC to stick so strictly to its Charter in that matter while happily ignoring it e.g. on the homophobia issue.

For those who didn't follow: Astrid Jacobsen's brother surprisingly died on Friday and the Norwegian cross country skiers wore mourning bands on Saturday. The IOC then reprimanded them publicly because it was seen as an expression of religious belief which goes against the Charter.

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Those pompous asses in Lausanne really are complete hypocrites at times, aren't they. But TBH, by the time the 2022 vote comes along, this should really be a non-issue. I think that German newspaper is making a mountain out of a molehill. This ain't no "scandal" that will cause "so much friction".

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International press release: Norwegian Sports federation about the Oslo 2022 Olympic Winter bid presentation in Sochi



Oslo´s application to host the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games was presented at a media briefing at the international media centre in Sochi on Monday February 10th 2014.

President of the Oslo bid committee, Mr Stian Berger RØSLAND, Governing Mayor of Oslo, and Oslo bid committee member, Mr Inge ANDERSEN, Secretary General of the Norwegian Olympic Committee presented on behalf of the Oslo bid committee. Also speaking at the briefing were Mr Gerhard HEIBERG, IOC member in Norway, Mrs. Eli GRIMSBY, CEO of Oslo2022, and Mr Bjørn DÆHLIE, skiing legend and multiple Olympic Champion.

- First and foremost I believe Oslo 2022 will be a great experience for the athletes. We have a strong passion for winter sports in Norway, and I would like the athletes of the world to share that experience. We want to make Games that inspire a new generation of athletes, Dæhlie commented at the press briefing.

Oslo´s Games concept takes the entire city into use, partly in existing, and partly in new facilities. The Games plan is complete by hosting the alpine skiing, and bob, luge and skeleton events in the Lillehammer area, known from the highly acclaimed Games of 1994. The main athletes village is situated in Oslo, and a second village in Lillehammer. Oslo´s plan rests on three core value pairs, representing the duality of Norwegian culture: Ambitious and generous; urban and natural; playful and responsible.

- Oslo is small enough to offer intense moments - in an intimate metropolis. The Games will take place in the city itself, taking the entire city into use. This will give the athletes, the media and every visitor the sense of sharing the excitement with many, offering intense personal moments of passion, commented Stian Berger Røsland, Governing Mayor of Oslo and President of the Bid Committee.

- Our Games concept is also about sustainability and long-term qualities of the city. The athletes and media villages will require us to build a completely new urban district. Our ambition is to promote innovation in how we shape the physical framework for life cities, commented Eli Grimsby, CEO of Oslo2022.


- Sport is the largest common area of interest in Norway. Sport, and in particular winter sport, is found everywhere, in every family, in every local community, in every walk of life. The Norwegian sports movement represents more than 2 million memberships, 12 000 sport clubs and 54 sports federations. More than 90 per cent voted in favor of the bid for the 2022 at our general assembly, commented Mr. Inge Andersen, Secretary General of the Norwegian Olympic Committee.

OSLO 2022

Oslo is the capital of Norway with 600 000 inhabitants. Its Olympic Games plan has been under development since early 2012, and the City Council made its decision (52 -7) to apply in a vote in June 2013. The application is subject to national government guarantees, to be put before parliament during 2014. A government feasibility study has approved Games plan and budget in December 2013.

The budget for Games expenditure and public investments represent a total of USD 3,4 billion (NOK 21,7 billion).

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Oslo will most certainly win the race. Krakow is a good Bid, though after Sochi 2014 and PyeongChang 2018, the IOC will want a safe, Winter Powerhouse and Traditional host for 2022. Good Luck Krakow for 2030, because 2026 is going to Usa.

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Oslo will most certainly win the race. Krakow is a good Bid, though after Sochi 2014 and PyeongChang 2018, the IOC will want a safe, Winter Powerhouse and Traditional host for 2022. Good Luck Krakow for 2030, because 2026 is going to Usa.

You don't need to tell us your thoughts on the next 3 hosts all the time. Stick to the 1. And yes, thank you for your opinion on who will win the race.

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The IOC president on the Oslo bid: - "Will take us back to the roots"



IOC president Thomas Bach is positive towards the Oslo´s olympic bid and asks Norwegians to remember Lillehammer 1994 when they will decide whether they want the Winter Games again.
- "Norway's candidacy takes us back to the roots, with the enthusiasm and the love you have for the sport, as well as the excellent organization, said Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)."
The winter olympics this year takes place in controversial Sochi and in 2018 he South Korean Pyongchang will host the Games. Thus, the last two Winter Games before 2022 are far away from the "roots" Bach talking about. An application from Oslo for the games in 2022 is thus extra alluring for the IOC.
- "There will be strong competition to host the Winter Olympics in 2022. The combination of what Oslo can offer is great, so I'm sure they are a strong competitor", he said.
- People should remember Lillehammer
NRK fresh Olympic poll shows namely a continued majority against hosting the games. 55 percent of respondents answered no to Oslo Olympics in the survey, which was conducted in January / February.
- People have always concerns when looking several years into the future, as here when talking about the eight years of the Games will be held, says Bach.
- It is important to explain, communicate and convince people about the benefits of hosting the Olympics. Lillehammer is a good example.
- "People should remember Lillehammer. Norway must not forget that they have every reason to be proud of the great success in 1994", continues IOC President.
- If Norway applies, will they win?
- "I can not answer. This is a democratic choice. But I'm sure if the Norwegian people really want to organize the Olympic Games, they have a glorious chance to make it", responds Bach.
Four challengers
In this case, Norway must outperform the other four applicant cities: Almaty (Kazakhstan), Beijing (China), Krakow (Poland) and Lviv (Ukraine). Previously, Munich (Germany) and Stockholm (Sweden) resigned from bidding.
- "We look forward to being able to choose from five very good candidates. Therefore, I am confident that we have enough in 2022 for a brilliant Olympics", says Bach.
Ed Hula, editor in the olympic Journal "Around The Rings", says Norway is emerging as the best candidate.
- The main advantage of Norway bid is the experience and winter sports heritage. After Sochi and Pyeongchang the Olympic games need more spectators and enthusiasm from the local population, said Hula to NRK.no few days ago.
It may, according to IOC President Bach get the other applicant cities to realize that they have little to set up.
- "Be happy you have few competitors. Maybe the other candidates look at the situation in Norway and think that Norway is a strong candidate that it becomes difficult for them to win," says Bach.
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For Bach, that seems a very obvious statement what he really wants to happen with 2022. Shouldn't come as a surprise though.

well..... no wonder i become so anti bach today....
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Bach is just claiming that Oslo 2022 is a strong Bid. Even if he is a supporter of Oslo 2022, the IOC President don't usually take part in the voting process, unless the final 2 Cities are tied. So unless that happens, Bach's opinion really means nothing, because it usually doesn't go to an IOC President's vote.

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Just bcuz he doesn't have a vote, unless there's an ultimate tie, doesn't mean that he doesn't have influence & other members can't pick up on it. He's the president, for Pete's sake, & should remain more neutral, IMHO, much like Rogge was (although not to that extreme). It's what many criticized JAS for, yet it appears only less than six months in, that's where we're headed down that same path again. He needs to be more diplomatically about it, even though Oslo would be a no-brainer.

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On the other hand, I feel that Bach even after few months of presidency can have more opponents in IOC than we think. He's too much into politics (IMHO his speech during opening ceremony was on the border of scandal). His gentle support can be advantage or kiss of a death to any bid.

Still I cant disagree that Oslo is frontrunner, and good destination for WOG, but Norwegians should be careful.

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