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RWC 2011 poll (final)

Who will win the RWC 2011?  

19 members have voted

  1. 1. Which team will win the RWC 2011?

    • France
    • New Zealand
  2. 2. Which team will become Third?

    • Wales
    • Australia

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Well if there is a team in Rugby who can suddenly play extremely well against the All Blacks and wins it's usually France, but not this time i think:)

France will officialy become the rugby's Netherlands in football lol Having lost three finals, that hurts B)

I wish Wales will win against Australia but i have no idea really

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New Zealand and Australia.

NZ for obvious reasons, they look imperious. The French have only looked so in the first half against England; the rest of their play has looked like hard work, although they have been eeking out wins. I don't see much changing from the pool match between these two.

Australia because I think they've grown throughout the tournament, but just came up against a better side today. I wonder whether the wind might have been knocked out of Wales' sails; the momentum of an unexpectedly good cup-run suddenly gone, a bubble burst. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Wales' form is lost to them in this match sadly.

Anyway, let's see if these are as bad as my Quarter Final predictions!! :lol:

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