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GDL 2011 Opening Ceremony Livechat


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As I said, Domingo wasn't better than Guadalajara, But at least they pulled off a ceremony at all. Mexico has no excuse for such a sub par ceremony.

Anyways GUADALAJARA 2011 just started, you have your opinion I have mines, I am mexican and what I saw was amazing and interesting, I loved the music, lights, presentation, you probably do not understand mexican culture, but we are 112 322 757 people not as other less populated countries, and as you just said MAJORITY matters, Mexican people's tastes are really important, and I think the spectacle was prepare in MEXICO.

let's see what press says tomorrow, in the meantime let's get ready for the activities,

Tomorrow events


-Beach Volleyball

-Cycling road



-Modern Pentathlon

-Rhythmic Gymnastics





-Table tennis



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I think I like it, the music was very moving, the fireworks were beautifull, and the audience did very well their job, they never stoped to scream, sing the songs, and move their lights, it definitely wasn't better than rio, but was diferent.

it surpassed all my expectatives, that were very very low

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If anyone who missed the ceremony last night wants to watch it, go here:


The user has uploaded the OC. Too bad there's no a bigger quality, specially the sound (here's hoping someone uploads an HD version soon)

PS: Some mexicans in the net are saying that Vicente Fernandez did a small mistake while singing the anthem and that Calderon was somewhat drunk when he gave his opening speech (well, he sounded kinda weird if you asked me, he didnt even said the word America well :lol: ) (kinda when the GG didnt spelled Sydney well in 2000)

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I enjoyed the ceremony. I understand why many of you were disappointed but keep in mind that, unlike us here in these forums, most people don't live and breathe this stuff and aren't likely to remember that some of the elements seemed to mimic previous ceremonies.

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Have seen only a few portions w/ poor quality, posted on U tube...and I like it so far. I mean Mexico (to me) is still considered a developing country, so for them to stage something like this, is great.

Besides, I wasn't expecting anything else. With a culture as colorful as Mexico's, how can they not stage a spectacle w/o mariachi music and their incredible folkdancers.

I'm sure when I see the entire show, it'll at least be an 8 for me. I mean...nothing can touch Beijing...so one shouldn't even seek comparisons.

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I liked it. It wasn't the best OC, but it passed the test. Although I agree it was too much singing (especially Maná... what the hell where they thinking? :blink: ) I lke the section of the electroranchera :lol: and the boleros (Bésame mucho, I love it!)

But I think Rio's was much better.

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I remind you if the budget is considerably smaller than that of Vancouver, if you use your math combined with a little bit of intelligence you would know that is IMPOSSIBLE to have the same budget in anyhting, opening or closing ceremony, security etc.

The same person who prepared BEIJING 2008 and will prepare London 2012, prepared Guadalajara 2011, then is obvious that he knows the dimensions of a world wide event and a Continental event, previous pan american games were not as good as Guadalajara, let's see what is Toronto preparing, but trust me they wont prepare that event in billions, unless they want to be paying the debts for years just like Montreal 1976 :-S

I think your a brat that has too much personal pride. Telling me to do math, which university did you go too? Secondly, it was for only the ceremonies not the entire event. I'd bet that Torono's handover ceremony will be better then the Opening ceremony and its budget is only $300,000 :lol:

What are you talking about? Beijing and London have two completely different directors, I don't know who directed Guadalajara but I would be shocked if it was the person behind either Beijing or London. You can't even call what Guadalajara had a ceremony, more like a long, boring concert with some nice fireworks. I have never in all my years seen such a thing, well besides all the closing ceremonies.

750 Million for four ceremonies? :blink::lol:

Pesos maybe?

BTW I don't have hopes for the 2015 OC I just hope it gets by.

This ceremony did not have many segments and too much singing but was okay overall.

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Ok I think i'm ready to write a full review of the opening ceremony ^^; now that i've been watching it again in Youtube

1-The countdown was awesome, although I would have preferred that the anthem was sang before it. Also, Vicente Fernandez comitted a small mistake at the anthem, changing the lyrics a bit at certain part, something that produced strong criticism

2-Nice mariachi performance :) i know it was a bit cliche but hey, it's Mexico, so they should show their culture and be proud of the things that make them popular to the world

3-I'm a bit dissapointed that they didn't used that mass brass band for the parade of nations as rumours were saying, although the remixes of popular latin american pop songs for the parade wasn't that bad, and it was reminiscing of Torino 2006. I loved the joy of the venezuelan delegation, making human waves as they entered, as well for the reaction of the crowd when Mexico entered.

4-Mana performance was good but it got too long, performing two songs in a row. Also i'm glad the organizers predicted there would be some mess during that performance as they did an interlude for the athletes to sit again

5-The "Follow your Dreams" segment was kinda touching, and the projections reminded me of Atlanta and Vancouver.

6-The speeches weren't that long as I tought they were, but president Calderon speech had some verbal tics and he seemed like he was drunk.

7-Glad thing they named the athletes who were carrying the flag (but putting Miss Universe on it was out of place). Also, the PASO anthem was performed for the first time ever in the games, since it never had an anthem. But for those who didn't noticed, the performance of the anthem was prerecorded and the orchestra mimiced that o_o (wonder if they did that with the other segments)

8-The electronic segment was very well made, one of the bests if you ask me, and the interaction between the music and the spectators was well done. Fireworks don't have anything to envy to olympic ceremonies

9-The mexican art-music segment was ok. The music was very beautiful, but the performances could have been better. They were kinda confusing, with those LED screen guys floating in the middle (I dunno if the effects were shown on the other side of the stadium better but when they formed the logo of the games it didn't looked very well, unless it was a failure on the projection system)

10-More singing...it was getting annoying, and the Peace segment by Mana was almost identical to the Rio 2007 one.

11- Glad they did a tribute to Enriqueta Basilio as the first of the last torchbearers. But why the heck did they raised the last torchbearer to the air if the cauldron was right in the ground? o_O (also the lightning, although spectacular, was pretty much fake and the cauldron was too small for my taste)

12-Where the heck was the aztec culture? D: They should have did a tribute to them, or at least to the Huichol natives, considering the look of the games of these games is inspired on Huichol art.

Conclusion: The ceremony had very good music performances, but maybe too much singers for the tastes of much. I haven't seen so much singing in a sport ceremony ever. Not even in the closing ceremonies. Speaking about that, the ceremony felt more like a closing than an opening because of it. Although the projections and fireworks were pretty good, the performers weren't that much, and some of their performances looked a bit confusing at certain parts. It doesn't beat Rio 2007, but it's still is probably the second best Pan Am games ceremony ever and it tried to get close to the olympic level. 6.5/10

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Great pics there, 8.5/10 I loved everthing, except the irresponsible athletes, they where diffcult to control, it was a mistake of the director to have them during the act.

Why Aztecs weren't there? well even though many people might think Mexico is a unified country, well is not, Aztecs represents Mexico to the foreginers, but if you go to Yucatan Peninsula they feel more related to Mayans, and Guadalajara feels by no means aztec, so I know they knew how people would react, good for that.

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I hate the Pan American Games anthem it completely sucks. They need to bring back the Olympic anthem!!!

Rio 2007 offered its official anthem to PASO but they refused :angry:

It was much better than this one and they used it during the medal ceremonies.

Yeah, I'm biased...

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