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2014 FIFA World Cup - qualification

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Uruguay 0 - 0 Jordan (5-0 agg)

Uruguay to the 32nd and final 2014 World Cup slot

The 32 Qualified teams:

CONMEBOL: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay

AFC: Japan, Australia, Iran, South Korea

CAF: Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Ghana, Algeria

CONCACAF: United States, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico

UEFA: Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, England, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Portugal, France

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Congrats to Uruguay ;) . I predicted they'd score more than 4 but the game ended in 0-0 scoreless draw,even though the members looked best players.

Little bit shocking result.

It's all the western Europeans except for the Scands and Austria.

About Africa,4 teams from western Africa and 1 team from northern Africa.No teams from eastern and southern Africa.

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I'm taking the bet that an African team will be in semi-final. It's been a long time since I expected them to get good results, and they'll have the teams for that in Brazil. It could well be Nigeria, I'm hoping for Côte d'Ivoire. Algeria or Cameroon, but any of the 5 teams would make me glad, really.

I think one of our french-speaking neighbours , Belgium or Switzerland will do well too.


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Belgium's Red Devils, I think, is the better of the two. Better all-around depth.

Algeria once again is the only Arab nation in the World Cup. I know the Desert Foxes have a strong following in France (partly with plenty of players of Algerian heritage in the French leagues) and in other Francophone nations because of the Algerian communities there. But this sole Arab nation thing reappearing, will they have the whole Arab community rallying behind them or do they rep themselves? Kinda says something on the current class of players in the Arab world. A few like Egypt and Tunisia were capable. But no.

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You're right, Sandshark , they do have a strong following here, not just among the French of Algerian descent. Lots of French of French descent have an interest for team Algeria, which seems logical.

I don't think they'll have the whole Arab community behind them to be honest, but there sure are people who are gonna support them. The congrats message left by the American embassy in Algiers on twitter following their qualification was really nice too, I thought it was a really fun initiative.

I agree with you on Belgium but I do think the Swiss can surprise many.

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