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Glasgow 2018

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Glasgow 2018 has established a three-person Bid Board, led by British Olympic Association (BOA) chairman Lord Colin Moynihan, for the Summer Youth Olympic Games.

Moynihan is joined on the Board by Shona Robison, Scotland's Minister for the Commonwealth Games and Sport, and Gordon Matheson, the leader of Glasgow City Council.



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Glasgow 2018 support grows as bid submitted

Support for Glasgow's bid to host the 2018 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) has grown since its launch last week.

Polling data from two sources has revealed that people across Scotland and the UK back the bid.

A YouGov poll revealed that 69 per cent of the UK believe that Glasgow staging the Games would continue to inspire a generation of young people beyond London 2012.

The poll also revealed that 62 per cent of those asked supported Glasgow’s bid, with that figure rising to 68 per cent in Scotland.

Councillor Gordon Matheson, the Leader of Glasgow City Council, said: "Our submission to host the 2018 Youth Olympic Games is a compelling one, and it clearly has the support of people across the UK.

"This bid has young people at its very heart. It demonstrates the very best Glasgow has to offer on both a sporting and cultural level and reflects our reputation as one of the world’s leading sporting and cultural cities.

"We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to continue the UK’s Olympic journey, building on the undoubted success of London 2012 and of course our own plans for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

"Hosting the 2018 Youth Olympic Games would allow us to take that journey to the next stage and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.



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Commitment to Young People

Committed to putting the talents, needs and aspirations of young people at the heart of the Youth Olympic Games

Glasgow 2018 would empower young people globally to believe they can be champions in their own lives.

Glasgow 2018 would amplify and accelerate the legacy of the Commonwealth Games and London 2012 in the UK and beyond with a long-term social and economic impact for the International Olympic Committee.

What is being achieved:

  • International Inspiration has reached 12 million children and young people across the globe and changed, developed or implemented 36 policies and laws in 12 countries and trained 120,000 practitioners.

  • Get Set, London 2012's domestic education programme, took the magic and excitement of sport into classrooms in 25,000 schools. 57 per cent of teachers said it had a positive impact on engagement.

  • Malawi Leaders of Learning is a two-way charity and development scheme aimed at sharing resources and expertise between Glasgow and Malawi. This project aims to link young people from both countries together and to build their capacity to contribute to civic society.

  • A record 86.4 per cent of young people in Glasgow are now reaching positive destinations of either work, further/higher education or training.

  • A record 90 per cent young people achieved 5+ standard grades in 2011.

  • The gap between national and Glasgow's performance has now closed. This needs to be recognised alongside the levels of deprivation which are not faced on this scale by any other part of Scotland, and only by a very few areas in England. 40 per cent of Glasgow's children live in the most deprived areas of Scotland.

  • Glasgow has seen a year-on-year increase in young people going to university every year since 2001. The proportion of young people going to both higher and further education has increased year-on-year, reaching 56.8 per cent in 2011.

  • Youth agencies like Young Scot (YS) have a profound national impact - 420,000 young people carry the Young Scot NEC Card. YS is a national youth information and citizenship charity and works in partnership with young people aged 11-26. Engaging with 25,000 young people every year, YS also supports a group of more than 100 Youth Legacy Ambassadors from across Scotland who work to promote legacy from the 2014 Commonwealth Games in their local areas.

  • More than 2,000 apprenticeships have been created in Glasgow in three years through the Commonwealth Apprenticeship Initiative - the biggest initiative of its kind in the UK.

  • The Community Initiative to Reduce Violence has led to 69 per cent reduction in youth violence in Glasgow since 2006 and is now used as example of best practice by the UK Government.

  • The Scottish Youth Parliament, formed in 1999, brings together elected representatives aged 14 to 25 from across Scotland and is at the forefront of youth engagement in civic democracy.

  • During 2011-12 more than 1000 young people will have achieved Sports Leadership Awards for their work in local communities. This is more than double the number who achieved qualifications in 2010-11.

  • Nurture Groups and Corners have been established in Glasgow and have become internationally acclaimed for the work they do to help young children with behavioural, learning and emotional challenges. There are now around 70 nurture groups in the city's primary schools and 20 nurture corners in nurseries.

  • The Triple P parenting programme has been introduced across Scotland to support parents at all levels with positive parenting techniques.

  • Kinship carers receive a package of support, both financial and through the funding of consultation groups, in recognition of the work they do to support children and young people who are at risk of becoming 'looked after' in Scotland.

  • Activity Agreement Coaches are a team whose work is specifically targeted at the most vulnerable young people in Glasgow. They provide practical support and challenge these young people to raise their aspirations. The most measurable impact of their success is that the number of 'unknown' school leavers in Glasgow has reduced from 120 to just 24 out of 5000.

  • The Eco Schools programme is an international project designed to encourage whole-school action on the environment. This year 99 per cent of Glasgow schools (299 establishments) have registered as Eco Schools, and 112 of these are flying the Green Flag award.

  • The Caledonia Club is a unique partnership between Glasgow Caledonian University and a number of nurseries and schools in Glasgow which aims to raise families' aspirations and to make going to university 'normal' for families with no previous connection or experience with higher education. In 2011 28.5 per cent of school leavers went on to higher education, the highest level ever.

  • Youth Enterprise Zones have been developed in Glasgow to encourage entrepreneurship through the provision of start-up space and advice as well as micro-funding.

  • School exclusions, since their peak in 2006/7, have dropped by 53 per cent. On average every secondary school pupil in Glasgow is attending an additional seven days every year compared to 2007.

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Glasgow celebrates being shortlisted to host 2018 Youth Olympics

GLASGOW has been shortlisted to host the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, joining Buenos Aires, in Argentina, and Medellin, in Colombia, in the final push to stage the high-profile event.



The announcement that Glasgow has made it through to the final three was greeted with delight across the UK.

To celebrate, a dance flashmob of more than 100 young people gathered in Glasgow's Central Station calling on the public to support bringing the bid to the city. Watch the video below.

Video by Mark Gibson

Olympic athletes and politicians also welcomed the announcement and pledged to work to win the final vote in July.

The bid team for the Youth Olympics is made up of the Scottish Government, the city council and was supported by the British Olympic Association.

Glasgow, which is gearing up to host the Commonwealth Games next year, received a glowing technical report from the IOC.

Sebastian Coe, chairman of the BOA, said: "It is an honour to have Glasgow shortlisted to host the Youth Olympic Games in 2018.

"London 2012 inspired young people like never before and there is now a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the UK to take the next step on the Olympic journey to empower young people globally.

"Glasgow cannot only stage a compact, sustainable and financially sound Youth Olympic Games but take a unique journey in history hand in hand with the Olympic Movement fuelled by the passion and warmth of Scotland.

"A Youth Olympic Games in Glasgow would empower young people worldwide to believe they can be champions in their lives and at the same time, inspire the world to support them."

Young Olympians aged between 15 and 18 will compete in 28 different sports over 12 days of competition.



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