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Olympic Trivia


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Aww... :(

How about 1914 in Paris Congress of the Olympic Movement? Designed by Pierre de Coubertin in 1913.

It first appeared at some event in Alexandria in 1913:

Sixty years ago, at the instigation of Mr. Angelo C. Bolonaki, the first IOC member for Egypt, the Olympic flag, created by P i e r r e d e Co u b e r t i n i n 1 9 1 3 , was hoisted for the first time at a sports

stadium, the Chatby stadium in Alexandria.

Source: http://www.aafla.org/OlympicInformationCenter/OlympicReview/1974/ore80/ore80z.pdf

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What year did Baron Pierre de Coubertin die, what did he die of and what was his request at after he die?

Should I answer this? :blink:

Great-grandpappy didn't actually die in 1937. He was frozen and then came back as the Marquis de Samaranch, Juan Antonio...who finally died earlier this year, at age 148.

PDC/JAS "died of Olympic boredom." The Parade of Nations were sooo long his blood vessels atrophied.

PDC/JAS' last wish(es) (as revealed to me, his great-great grandson) is that Athletics, Basketball and the Parade of Nations be removed from the Summer Olympics. For the Winter Games, that figure skater Johnny Weir be banned from any future women's events.

And that's the God's-honest truth!! Amen. ;)

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