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2011 Frankfurt motor show


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FRANKFURT, Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- The Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 (IAA) on Thursday formally opened to public visitors, with a series of novel small, fuel-efficient, intelligent and electric-powered cars striking the limelight.

Unfazed by the lingering eurozone debts crisis, automobile elites are seeking to take advantage of the world's biggest motor show to showcase a dense collection of new models and auto technologies with future-concept, in a bid to demonstrate the sector's potential vitality in order to boost the manufacturing industry.

The 10-day pageant, featuring novel devices and concepts from over 1,000 auto- and accessories makers from 32 countries around the globe, is expected to draw some 800,000 visitors.

A total of 89 new car models, of which 45 come from German car producers, are set to make their debuts.

To adapt to increasing concerns over environment preservation and the eventually exhaustible fossil fuel reserves, world-leading auto makers had set the tone of future car development as environment-friendly, fuel-saving and intelligent.

Among a range of hybrid and pure electric cars, BWM i3 distinguished itself with its light aluminum and carbon-fiber structure, which makes it just lighter and even more reinforced.

The Audi A2 presents a unique concept of design, featuring Bluetooth and WiFi interface, global satellite navigation, as well as induced recharging devices which could provide automatic recharging while parked in the garage.

The stand of Volkswagen, maker of the iconic Beetle and Golf models, renewed its attractiveness with its brand new city car, Up!

Measuring only 3.54 meters in length, the mini model is targeted at urban residents who strive for a lifestyle of both economy and conformability.

Volkswagen, the European leading car maker with ambition to become the world's largest one by 2018, also brought forth its new Nils concept car -- a futuristic one-seater.

Daimler's Mercedes-Benz brand is presenting a rejuvenated version of its B-Class and a prototype of its electric Smart car.

Statistics from the European auto industry association AECA showed that the overall market share of compact cars have risen from 30 percent in 1990 to more than 40 percent now in Europe.

As "downsizing" is inlaid with car design, more intelligent devices will ensue to help less skilled drivers, as a complete automatic parking device is soon to be applied to realize driver-free parking


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Volkswagen has gone Up crazy at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The company has unveiled not one, not two, but six incarnations of its Up supermini, including an electric-only offering and a sporty GT model that uses your smartphone as its sat-nav and stereo.

The all-electric e-Up, confirmed for production in 2013, uses a 60kW electric motor and a fairly generous 18kWh battery pack as its means of propulsion. Combined, the two offer a respectable 85mph top speed and an 80-mile range, making it ideal for boasting about how much money you've saved on short commutes or getting completely stranded on longer ones.



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