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Will they blow up Olympic Stadium? (Montreal)


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I'd attempt to convert it into a shopping mall. 2 to 3 levels perhaps? The adjoining swimming pool and tower restaurant makes it a perfect choice.

Not to mention you can convert the roof to be a permanent transparent (non retractable) roof so that restaurant patrons could see the shoppers below.

The whole complex of the Olympic Park would therefore be:

Olympic Mall/Mall Olympique

The Biodome

The Swimming Complex

The Restaurant and Tower

Subway Station

Montreal Impact's Stadium

And build a proper stadium similar to Stade de France elsewhere in Montreal.

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The Montreal Stadium was on The National today on CBC, but I can't seem to find a link to the newsclip.

Saw it on CBC News Network this morning, seems there finally going to do SOMETHING. Question is, what. Although it seems like some heritage crazies want too see it kept as is.

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