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Five Live feature on London Games


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Olympics Special on BBC Radio Five Live

Interviews with London 2012 chairman Lord Coe, sports minister Richard Caborn, chairman of the British Olympic Association Lord Moynihan, and Sport UK's Peter Keen.

I'm not sure this link will work, but try it

If the above link doesn't work, this is a link to the BBC 2012 page which has a link on it

Have a listen. It's about an hour long btw.

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I was listening to some of that this morning,I think the

attitude of some of the people they interviewed at Stratford

on Avon ,can be put down to the negative attitude of the

press before the winner was was announced.

the British press basically robed allot of people of the


of the biding process and and the build up to the announcement.

all that can be put right now we have won.

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Im not a fan of the sun but they did feature the impending olyimpic bid announcement on there front page on the morning of  6 July,

I don't think the mirror mentioned it at all anywhere in there news paper on that morning.

That's pretty disgraceful.

But like you say different story the next day

And had it not been for the terror attack, ect

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