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2011 Rugby World Cup Sweep

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Just realized I already had a Japanese flag hidden on the first D of Madrid in my signature... I was destined to support Japan! :P

Last? Japan surely is better then Namibia.

Really? I have no idea. But since they're not in the same pool, I think both will end up last... :rolleyes:

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Great, I'm still green and yellow jersey representing a huge country from South Hemisphere (almost Brazil laugh.gif)!!!



Ok, I'll get more info on the Australian team to say more accurate things about my lovely new-country!

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LOL. Gottasay, it was fun doing the draw and seeing who got what. Always get some ironies in there. I was glad Lee got England (and relieved he didn't get Scotland!). I was sorta hoping I'd get Wales for some reason, then got worried when I realised both Australia and myself were still in the draw as I got to the end. Relieved to get Argentina. Muy bueno! And I laughed when Danny got Oz!

Anyway, two more late comers have joined in. Best of luck to:

Tonga: Mattygs

Italia: Gangwon

Bueno suerte!

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