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02.01. Istanbul Canal Project

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Kanal-Istanbul Project

2nd Waterway Street Within the City - Secunda Bosphorus


Here we are going to share with you the importance of the 2nd Waterway project that is going to be build between 2012 and 2020. The Project was invented and personally directed in the first fysibility-phase by the Prime Minister Erdogan himself. The necessity of infrastructural project for the City is from an immense importance. Why this Canal-Istanbul project will influence in large terms the succes of an eventually Istanbul Olympic Games, will be brought to you .. soon ..

Turkish Blog about the Project from the beginning ==> http://www.kanalistanbulprojesi.gen.tr/

Istanbul Canal (Turkish: Kanal İstanbul) is the name of the artificial sea-level waterway, which is proposed to be built by the Republic of Turkey on the European side of Turkey, connecting the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara. Canal Istanbul would disect the current European side of Istanbul into two and thus create an Island between the continents of Asia and Istanbul (The Island would have a shoreline to the Black Sea, Sea of Marmara, Istanbul Canal and the Bosphorus).[1][2][3] The new waterway would bypass the current Bosphorus. Istanbul Canal aims to minimise shipping traffic in the Istanbul Strait. The project is intended for the 100th anniversary in 2023 of the foundation of the Turkish Republic.

Source Wikipedia ==> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canal_Istanbul

Stay tuned !! ;)

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The main purpose of the project is;

- to reduce the marine traffic through the Bosphorus and minimize the risks and dangers associated particularly with tankers.

- About 56,000 vessels pass yearly through the Istanbul Strait, among them 10,000 tankers carrying 145 million tons of crude oil.

- International pressure is growing to increase the marine traffic tonnage through the Turkish straits that brings risks for the security of marine navigation during the passage.

- The canal will further help prevent the pollution caused by cargo vessels passing through or mooring in the Sea of Marmara Sea before the southern entrance of the Bosphorus.


Source Photo ==> http://wowturkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=110398&start=840

Explanation Photo ==> The close shores of the City nearby the Bosphorus is like a Parking Place for Ships and Vessels

* The waterway will have a length of 45–50 km (28–31 mi)

* with a depth of 25 m (82 ft).

* Its width will be 150 m (490 ft) on the surface & 120 m (390 ft) at the canal bed.

* These dimensions will allow the largest vessels to pass.

* Studies relating to the project will be accomplished within two years (2011-2012).

* The canal will be in service latest in 2023, the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Republic.

* The project will be financed completely by domestic sources.

* If the 32nd Olympic Games will be awarded to Istanbul, than this will boost up the works to finish it in 2020.

For Example:

Passing Panama Canal - 40 vessels / day (2 directions)

Passing Suez Canal - 55-60 vessels/ day (2 directions)

Passing Bosphorus - 150 vessels / day (in 1 direction - that's why so much vessels are waiting at the shores to pass the street in row)

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Firstly 2 videos about the project; the 1rst video official teaser from at the launching by the PM & 2nd one is a non-offical teaser.

At the out-end of the canal their will be build a totally new city from scretch (at the shores of the Sea of Marmara and not on the Black Sea out-end). Thus as the PM said 1 new city on the European Side & 1 new city at the Asian side from each of a capacity of where 1 million people will live, work and spend leisure time. A lot of projects will be parallel as it will be actually a cumulative project for whole the metropolitan city; With this 2 new cities, citizens will (istanbulians/istanbuliots) will move from the city center to this toally new build cities so their will be created more open spaces and squares in the several downtowns in the city itself. All the buildings who are not strong enough for eventually earthquakes will be demolished and greenery will come in the place.

The Olympics will boost up whole those cumulative projects. Even if the Olympics are not awarded to the city of Istanbul than the project will evoluate till 2023 the 100th anniverseary of the Turkish Republic. With or without the Olympics the city will rise up to more international standards on every field. But later information will come. Every day new information will be shared here .. step by step.


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When the Turkish PM Erdogan launched the project, it created a big wave of innovation and creation among amateur/professional Turks to design and draw everything on computer. Meanwhile you can see at the 1rst picture the numbers of vessels/oil/gas that the Street has to carry on her sholders. This street isn't enough anymore for the growing sea/shipping traffic. Secunda Bosphorus will create oxigen space for the city itself.


Source Map/Info ==>> http://en.rian.ru/infographics/20110430/163775677.html


An ideallyic perception of how the canal can/will give an impact on the the shores/easthetically view.


The Entry Port to Secunda Bosphorusia .. Entering Constantinople's Port was something totally else à l'époque.

This project will certainly become the item for NGC (Natinal Geographic) MegeStructures .. hehe :lol:

Source ==> Randomly found on internet via goolge. (search word: Canal Istanbul)

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