Important Istanbul Maps SOURCE DETAILED EARTH MAP ==> This map is a "Istanbul Guide Earth Map" -service from the Istanbul Metropolitan City. It is in the Google-Earth form, but then in detailed in 6-fold. This is the most detailed map online at Internet and the most active and updated one. I mostly use this map for my research and will also use and indicate important elements on it in the other issue-conntected topic as well. * How to Use it: Very Simple - if you click on the link; you will have a flat Map with only the important axes of the city without the earth-layer. - if you scroll in; you will see more details of buildings and greenery, water and other important policy involved elements - if you scroll out; you will see the perfectly lined-out 39 districts of whole the Istanbul province/metropolitan area in different disticts colours * At the LEFT UPPER CORNER - You have an menu with 6 options, the last one is the ENGLISH option - The first 2 menu-options are the important ones; Harita + Katman (Map + Level) - Click on the first option on the word "HARITA" and then on the 2nd sub-option "UYDU/HAVA FOTO" (sattelite/air photo) - Then you will see that the eart-layer-level is on screen and you can scroll in and out / zoom in and zoom out - What intersting is that at the same sub-options you have also the earth maps of istanbul in retro : 1982 + 1966 + 1946 - Hereby you can have an idea how the city of Istanbul did grow in the past decennia with the beginning of the republic era. - Last but not least the 2nd menu-buton "KATMAN" means "Level"; if you click on it you will see that the road-axes and road lines will dissapear. For now fatih