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12.01. Important Istanbul Maps

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Important Istanbul Maps


SOURCE DETAILED EARTH MAP ==> http://sehirrehberi.ibb.gov.tr/map.aspx

This map is a "Istanbul Guide Earth Map" -service from the Istanbul Metropolitan City. It is in the Google-Earth form, but then in detailed in 6-fold. This is the most detailed map online at Internet and the most active and updated one. I mostly use this map for my research and will also use and indicate important elements on it in the other issue-conntected topic as well.

* How to Use it: Very Simple

- if you click on the link; you will have a flat Map with only the important axes of the city without the earth-layer.

- if you scroll in; you will see more details of buildings and greenery, water and other important policy involved elements

- if you scroll out; you will see the perfectly lined-out 39 districts of whole the Istanbul province/metropolitan area in different disticts colours


- You have an menu with 6 options, the last one is the ENGLISH option

- The first 2 menu-options are the important ones; Harita + Katman (Map + Level)

- Click on the first option on the word "HARITA" and then on the 2nd sub-option "UYDU/HAVA FOTO" (sattelite/air photo)

- Then you will see that the eart-layer-level is on screen and you can scroll in and out / zoom in and zoom out

- What intersting is that at the same sub-options you have also the earth maps of istanbul in retro : 1982 + 1966 + 1946

- Hereby you can have an idea how the city of Istanbul did grow in the past decennia with the beginning of the republic era.

- Last but not least the 2nd menu-buton "KATMAN" means "Level"; if you click on it you will see that the road-axes and road lines will dissapear.

For now


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Rough Sheme about the Main-Axes & General Infrastructure. The given km's are approximately distances.


MAP 02 // Existing Axes


map 2b // The North Marmara Trans Freeway will be build and is sheduled in the ways building program of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

Istanbul has the negative side of beeing (topographically) surrounded by waters at both sides of the continent (north-south). All heavy Transport has to pass through the city center what also gives the increased traffic jam each day. The 3rd Ring will solve that problem as all Transit Transport will be via the north of Istanbul to go further to each corner of the country. Hereby the Olympic Park will also benefit from this 3rd Ring, because the 2nd Ring will be totally dedicated for the people living in that part of the city & (dedicated) to the Olympics (Olympic Lanes etc..)


map 2c // This is a rough sketch of where the Olympic Park/Stadium Situates in the city on the European Side.


map 2d // And last but not least Canal-Istanbul will be build also.

Canal Istanbul Project Topic ==> CLICK

* These maps are a very simplistic overview of the general main-transport-axes on road and water. The rail transport will come on a later stage. These simply drawn maps are forming the basis to understand (better) the further steps in an eventually istanbul bid. Hope that these are giving an idea over whole the bicontinental city.

Later more .. stay tuned ;)


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